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Sexy 40 Year Old Men

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

So. We've already drooled over the sexy 50 year old men. We've ogled the sexy 60 year old men. Now it's time to admire the 40 year old men. Before I start, let me say that this is just my own personal list. Yours may vary, and some of the men on this list may not twist your knickers they way they do mine. That's ok -- if you really need to tell us your fab 40 man, name him in the comments.

Hugh Laurie

Posh English accent, Eton and Cambridge educated, 6'3 and one helluva sexy man. My type, exactly. Most Americans know Hugh as House, surly television diagnostician. Like most of you, I'm a slave to the show. I'd be a slave to him, too, if I could get 5 minutes alone with him. I've got the whips and chains right here, baby!


George Clooney

George Clooney: All American stud. Cary Grant reincarnate (excepting the part where Grant was actually British) and sexy, sexy piece of man.

Women the world over turn to putty when he does that thing where he turns his head and gives the camera that look. You know the look, right? I was going to put it into words, but I've just realized I can't. But it's hawt, whatever it is!

Is the man ever going to get married?

God, I hope not.


Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant managed to make the waffling Englishman one of the sexiest types of men in the world. He did the same for floppy hair, remember?

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His timing and facial expressions are really nearly the best in the business, even though he doesn't get much credit for it, being that his films tend to be so predictable.

Of course, About a Boy was a brilliant change from his typical romantic comedies. It showed us he could play something other than sexy wafflers. Not that we cared, either way... we just want to see him on a 50 ft screen!


Patrick Dempsey

I don't watch this show, but I have to admit, Patrick Dempsey turned into a hottie. Mind, I had a major crush on him when he was a teenage movie star. I was really surprised to find out he'd been so successful in television, and I was even more surprised to see how gorgeous he'd become.

Those eyes, that hair, that... everything. Gorgeous.


James Spader

Some may disagree with this, but loads and LOADS of women find James Spader's extreme onscreen confidence to be incredibly sexy.


And, if you've ever seen Secretary... ohmigod, again. I think I wore the rewind button out during that one.

And if you've ever seen Boston Legal... ohmigod. Did I say ohmigod yet? He was one of the first men on my list of men I'd like to be ravished by.

The man is sexy personified.

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