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6 Sexiest Male Body Parts

Believe it or not, the appendage men are most obsessed with is actually the last thing most women are trying to check out when they first spot you. Don't get me wrong -- we think about it. A lot, even. But it's not the area our eyes are first drawn to. Why? Cos we're not like men, obviously! Not straight away anyway. Err, not usually, at least.

Ok, sometimes we're exactly like you -- and sometimes we're worse. But, for the purposes of this article, we're more sophisticated and have better control of ourselves. Ok? Ok, then. This list of the 6 sexiest male body parts is, naturally, not finite.

It varies for some, and others might place these in a different order. Not me, obviously. Let's get it on then, shall we? Oops.. that should read let's get on with it, then.


1. Sexy Man Lips

Women like to kiss. Hmm. Actually, most of us prefer to be kissed. However you look at it, this makes lips a very important part of the male body. A soft, full mouth is totally sexy, whether on a man or a woman, so it's no surprise that we eye your lips closely when you're hovering near. We're thinking about how it would feel if you grabbed us and planted a nice fat kiss on our lips. God knows I've spent enough time imagining what it would be like to kiss Toby Stephens' gorgeous lips.


2. Sexy Man Eyes

Eyes are every Casanova's secret weapon. Or, at least, they ought to be. One saucy, salacious stare from across the floor and most women would melt. Of course, you have to know what you're doing. You can't just stare like a man who's just escaped Alcatraz, and she's the first woman you've seen in eons. Cos, well, that quickly goes from sexy to scary.

If you can't do the sexy saucy stare thing, you could always go for the serious "I'm so into you" look. Like the one you see on Hugh Grant, there. Sexay! And Toby's are quite lovely, too!

3. Sexy Man Arms

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Oh. My. Gawd. Matt Damon / Jason Bourne had the hottest arms on planet Earth during The Bourne Identity. Would you look at those arms? Holy Jesus, honestly, I am drooling over here. Arms are major source of attraction for me, for a number of reasons which I won't get into right now -- just trust me when I say his arms are perfect. Not too big and bulky, and not all spindly.

It wouldn't hurt any of you to take note of his hands and how he's making use of them, either. That is a very sexy move that all men should employ during a good kiss -- sadly, so many of you don't!


4. Sexy Man Shoulders

Ok, obviously, Spidey here has pretty hawt arms as well, but this is about his shoulders. Do you see them? Cos I can't stop staring at them. These are some very sexy muscles that women love, love, love.

I was stunned to see Toby looking like this when the movie came out, and I have to say, my entire perception of him went from geek to stud. Overnight. I don't care if that sounds shallow, it's the truth!

Big strong shoulders tell us that you're strong enough to pick us up and sweep us off our feet. So get moving!


5. Sexy Man Pecs

Women love a man with a nice chest. And a nice chest can mean all kinds of things, but it rarely means over-pumped and scary. Matthew McConaughey is often said to have the best chest in Hollywood. I'd have to agree -- notice it's not overdone, but rather it's toned and defined and pumped to a normal size that looks right on his body. Sexy. Very, very, sexy.


6. Sexy Man Abs

Believe it or not -- I don't give a toss about abs or six packs. In fact, I prefer a man not have much definition in this area beyond normal toning (see Matthew McConaughey pic) but sooo many women talk about abs being important, so here you go.

There are rock solid abs, and then you have the defined abs that still look inviting to the touch. Brad Pitt has the latter, and it seems to have worked well for him! But if you don't have them, remember what I said at the start. As long as you don't have a beer belly, we're pretty happy!

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