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Sex Life: My Opinion on the Movie

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Women are said to be more sensitive as they are more attuned to their emotional perspectives rather than a logical one which largely influences their decision making processes.

These emotions make women to take the most impulsive choices in shopping, travelling, cooking, even men?


Sex Life is a 2021 Netflix movie described in one review as too obsessed with sex to ever fully come to life

As described by Billie Connelly, she had been put in at least 73 positions of the Kama sutra. The movie itself was named Sex Life so it was only fair that we had an express look into hers.

While the fact that sex is the most talked about concept in the movie, the movie line is still clear to see.


From a biblical point of view, it tells everyone to abstain or better yet get married if you can’t control the urge.

This could be to ensure total commitment not just to the Lord but your partner as well.

This can be seen to be true because these days marriages can easily be broken simply by an affair with an ex-lover or even a discovery of a shocking truth related to your previous relationships

There are instances where a home may be rocked by so many challenges and still stands strong but cheating is an ultimate deal breaker.

It just goes to say how powerful sex can be. The image that is seared into your mind can’t just be scrapped off, it haunts you heck even affects your mental health.

While making it past the incident is possible for the couple, it is incredibly hard

It’s just like when we feel like we can’t get someone off our minds and we begin to design and concoct all the images in our head with them.

The one who was cheated on creates all the possible scenarios and positions in their head which doesn’t quite let them sleep at night

The ending of the movie was another angle that set people off… no one really saw it coming.

Finally when her life came together, she was running back to wreck it (literally!) and whether or not there’s a season 2 we all know things are messed up either way for Billie

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Chasing the thrill that comes either with the activity or the person is something we have seen happen not just once or twice in other movies.

Fifty Shades of Grey, After; they know he’s bad for them but keep going back regardless. And if the concept is repeated so much it must have some truth to it.

Guess it can be taken back to the saying that what can make you so happy is the same thing that can break you so bad or even the same thing that can give you butterflies is the same thing that’s going to sting worse than a bee


Billie going back to Brad… while it may be the worst idea she ever had, we gotta remember they had immense history that Cooper was yet to scratch the surface to.

We understand what it means to invest in a relationship for a couple years and then have to let go of it.

It’s like ‘how do I go through the whole process of re-knowing, re-learning, re-trusting, re-confiding in someone else?’ and that’s after you have struggled with letting go and accepting what happened

It just feels like so much effort and while they had been married for years, secrets like that can turn out to be the demons you thought you suffocated but then it comes up out of nowhere like an evil surprise (NF, am I right?)

Demons that can drag your entire union down to hell


While everyone would have liked to crucify Billie, Cooper had his own faults.

They may have been married but going through her journal was first of all, an invasion of privacy and then further trying to do the same things from her past even better was just creepy.

I felt like it would have been better if he created new memories with her, gave her something new to think about rather than something she could compare with the other.

Heck even confronting her would have sufficed more than the unwarranted competition he had put himself in.

In my country, it’s what we call no go dey do pass yourself


But again I have to give him credit. Trying to save his marriage he may not have made the most sensible decisions or made the right choices but he was trying hard to keep a grip on it regardless.

Never willing to give up and fighting for Billie in every situation but then being the nice guy wasn’t enough

And Billie once again proved how we women can go for the rough waves rather than the soft breeze

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