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Sean Keenan Is Missed as Deacon Sharpe on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Deacon Shape is needed in LA

It has been three years since Deacon Sharpe has been seen on The Bold and the Beautiful. He had been offscreen for quite some time, then showed up for two episodes. He was quickly taken to jail for shooting at Quinn but his trial was not on screen. No one ever mentioned how much time he had to serve so perhaps he is due to be released soon. While Deacon seems to always have to pay for his crimes, Ms. Fuller/Forrester never spent one day in jail for throwing him off a cliff.

Soaps She Knows at Soaps.com suggests that it is time for this handsome villain to return to LA and wreak havoc on the Forresters and Logans once more. His daughter Hope has been reunited with Beth which means that Deacon is now a grandpa. His son Eric Jr. has not been around in a while and actually is not even being mentioned on the CBS daytime drama. Perhaps he could return to LA an have a relationship with his family. Mr. Sharpe showing up will cause a lot of issues for Brooke, Quinn, Hope as well as everyone else he comes in contact with.

Right now his daughter is terrified that she will lose Liam to Steffy yet again and could use her father's support. There is also the issue of Brooke and her daughter attempting to get Thomas to sign adoption papers. Brooke and her husband have broken up, Shauna is making moves on Ridge and the storylines are becoming predictable. Deacon Sharpe could bring some diversity so viewers will not be subjected to the same thing all the time. He would keep Quinn on her toes and perhaps he might take a shine to Shauna and mess up her pans for Ridge. Dollar Bill is doting on Katie who just had a transplant so perhaps Deacon and Brooke might reconnect.

Change is good

It would be great to have Sean Kanan back on the canvas along with Rick Forrester and Amber Moore. Soaps.com says all three would be assets to B&B because this would take focus away from the Liam, Steffy, Hope love triangle. A Deacon Sharpe return and all the drama that would ensue is just the thing to get the show back on track. Brad Bell has said that the Avants will be returning by the fall and fans will be elated to see them. Sean Kanan would be the icing on the cake and with Ridge now married to Shauna, he could be a love interest for Brooke yet again. Deacon Sharpe would bring just the right amount of trouble and drama to the show to keep things interesting. Brooke will be devastated after Ridge drops his bombshell and need a shoulder to lean on. Deacon could be that person so that Katie and Bill can repair their relationship. The Bold and the Beautiful needs this change in scenario.

Brooke should have Deacon as a choice and not just Dollar Bill.

Brooke should have Deacon as a choice and not just Dollar Bill.

Sean Kanan would love to portray Deacon again

Daytime Confidential reported on October 25th that Sean Kanan discussed his bad-boy character with Soap Hub. The actor was asked if he would return to The Bold and the Beautiful and he responded that he would welcome the chance to portray Deacon Sharpe once again. Perhaps the powers that be will take note and come up with a storyline that is fitting for a Deacon return. How about it B&B fans? Would you enjoy seeing Hope's biological dad released from prison and come back to LA?

The majority of those who responded to the Daytime confidential story said they would prefer to see Sean Kanan return to General Hospital as a resurrected A.J. Quartermaine. One person said there would be no point in the actor returning to The Bold and the Beautiful because they are not even utilizing the characters that are currently on the CBS daytime drama. Still, others indicated that they would indeed enjoy seeing Deacon Sharpe back in action. Quinn is getting out of hand and gone so far as to help Shauna trick Ridge into a marriage. Deacon should return and whip her back into line.

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