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Scream Queen Sunday: Something to Scream About

Scream Queen Felissa Rose has something to scream about

Scream Queen Felissa Rose has something to scream about

There are some things that I came late to the party for and one of them was the horror invasion of the 1980's. I really wasn't into horror movies at the time (although one of my friends had cable and whenever we'd leave the bar and go to his house, I always caught glimpses of Friday the 13th).

Even though I only caught glimpses here and there, there were a couple of movies that I watched and I think the first time I sat down and watched a horror movie, it was Slumber Party Massacre. At first I thought it was stupid, but have come to appreciate it over the years.

Of course, over the years, I've been watching horror movies and even though I've interviewed and met Scream Queens, you have to wonder how and why did they get into this genre and their experiences.

Thankfully, there's this great documentary. Even though it came out in 2003, it's still a great way to get to know who these women were and are.

Director Jason Paul Collum did something great when shooting this. He broke it up into sections, which are hosted by Brinke Stevens. She poses a scenario and the interviewees tell all.

Highlighted are Ariauna Albright, Julie Strain, Debra De Liso, Denice Duff, Judith O'Dea, Debbie Rochon, Brandi Burkett, Felissa Rose and Lilith Stabs and they have some great stories to tell.

Of course the documentary begins with how they began their careers and how their careers took off- before the Internet and how they really didn't know that they were horror royalty. First the fan mail came and then the invitations to horror conventions.

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Duff shares an interesting story about conventions and how some actresses (who claimed to be Scream Queens) would set up shop at a convention and were rude to their fans. While she doesn't mention any names, I can think of two right off the bat.

But in reality, everyone has had a different experience when it comes to meeting fans in person and also through the mail. They know that fans (and their experiences when meeting) are the lifeblood to their careers and have enjoyed meeting everyone.

The big elephant in the documentary is the discussion of nudity and how they've handled it throughout their careers. For some, it was never a problem and for others they won't do it and those that responded are honest in their decision.

As with any actress, the subject of aging does come up and again, its an open and honest discussion about aging. The responses don't necessarily target themselves, but how even Hollywood A-list actresses are treated and violence and violence against women in horror movies is another topic of interest.

While the documentary is close to a quarter of a century old, some of the actresses have gone on to do other projects behind the camera or they left to pursue other interests and it would be interesting to have a follow up (with these actresses) as to what they've done over the last twenty five years.

If that's not in the cards at this time, maybe there should be a documentary about today's Scream Queens and how the genre has changed in modern times.

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