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Scream Queen Sunday: Linnea Quigley

Francine (Lisa Freeman) Brenda (Linda Blair and Heather (Linnea Quigley) check out merchandise on the mean streets of Los Angeles

Francine (Lisa Freeman) Brenda (Linda Blair and Heather (Linnea Quigley) check out merchandise on the mean streets of Los Angeles

Scream Queens always seem to get a bad rap. I mean, for the most part, they're in very low to no budget movies and they've pretty much made a living taking off their clothes. Plus, they're pretty much stuck in the horror genre.

Sometimes they catch a break and can leave horror that truly shows their talent.

When Savage Streets was released in early October, 1984, Linnea Quigley was a month away from having the second most famous onscreen death in Silent Night, Deadly Night. Her death in that movie was an instant classic.

But in Savage Streets she let her acting chops shine.

She plays Heather, sister to bad girl Brenda (Linda Blair) and is kind of a mascot for Brenda's girl gang. Heather is deaf and mute, but both sisters have a lot of love for one another.

With playing deaf, Quigley of course couldn't utter a sound and had to play the role through facial expressions and occasionally using sign language. She also shows that Heather is a strong character and has aspirations of being a dancer since she has ballet slippers hanging in her bedroom.

It may seem odd when she's out in the gym twirling by herself with no music, but in a sense we know that she feels free when she can dance and "hear" her own music. Of course, Brenda's involved in a fight in the girls shower room with rival Cindy (Rebecca Perle) but Heather doesn't really know about Brenda's behavior since she and her gang tone it down around her.

While Quigley gets the character down pat, she's most effective when she's brutally raped as an act of revenge by the boy gang, The Scars in the boy's bathroom.

Of course, she can't emit a sound and the sheer terror on her face is enough for her character. And of course Brenda has no idea what's going on.

While this movie is horribly bad, everyone who has seen it agrees that Quigley was the one to watch in her scenes. It's just a shame that her part is so small, but, other than this movie, she has proved herself also when it comes to comedy.

If she's not acting, she has worked behind the scenes as a producer, composer and even singer on various projects, but above all, I think this is probably her best performance and she should have gained a lot of attention for her role.

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