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Scream Queen Sunday: Debbie Rochon

Wayne (Grant Cramer) is always ready to lend an ear for Raven (Debbie Rochon)

Wayne (Grant Cramer) is always ready to lend an ear for Raven (Debbie Rochon)

Years ago when I interviewed Debbie Rochon about this movie, I wasn't too kind. When I had gotten the movie, I rushed through it and came away from it not that impressed. Over the years, I've changed my tune and if you take out a few things, this isn't that bad of a movie.

By the time Rochon starred in this movie, she had already appeared in a few mainstream movies and television shows before becoming a Scream Queen. And there's no stopping her.

As an actress, she has close to 300 movies (as of this writing) under her belt, and has done extensive work behind the camera as well. Recently, she has been producing and directing, as well as having dabbled in writing.

But this movie gives a close up look at what being a Scream Queen is like and the problems that come along with the territory.

When Wayne (Grant Cramer) was younger, his father died and his mother (Terri Lewandowski) told him that it would be just the two of them. That is until Uncle Joe (Ed Lewandowski) came into the picture.

With Christmas closing in, Wayne wakes up from a sleeping pill induced haze and finds his mother and Uncle Joe in bed. Quietly he pulls out a gun from a dresser drawer and kills them.

Now an adult, he's a teacher's aide and is close to Raven (Rochon) and her young daughters, Angela and Savannah (Dawn Michelucci and Savannah Calhoun). Since it's a few days before Christmas, Wayne buys the girls overstuffed stockings and asks Raven her permission as to if he can give them to the girls. She says it's okay and of course it excites them.

With her husband Eric (John Mowod) away on a fantasy girl photo shoot, Raven invites Wayne in for dinner and she unloads her problems on him.

What she doesn't know is that he's secretly in love with her and wants him all to himself. She doesn't know that he has a shrine devoted to her and when she asks if he can babysit the girls, he jumps at the chance.

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Earlier in the day, she confined to her friend, Laura Britton (Christine Cavalier) that Eric is getting ready to file for divorce and she suspects that he's having an affair (which he is) and she's not getting any support from his mother and sister (Marilyn Eastman and Julie Wallace).

They think that her "acting" career is an embarrassment to the family, but Raven tells them that as a glamour photographer, Eric was the one who took photos of her and had persuaded her to start acting. Of course they don't want to admit to the fact that Eric spends his time taking photos of nude women, whereas Raven is taking her clothes off on film for the entire world to see.

Later that night, Wayne goes to the Scream Productions office and murders Laura since he thinks she's trying to oust Raven and he doesn't know that the producer (Karl Hardman) of Scream Queens' Naked Christmas is still around. When he discovers that he's still there, he ends up killing him as well.

The aforementioned movie is what the girls are working on and it really is a movie which is out of print.

Anyway, Raven tells Wayne the next day that she doesn't need him to babysit that night since Bruce and Laura have disappeared and Wayne tells her that they probably eloped. Raven thinks that's funny, but she does need to a few things so she has him babysit during the day.

Eric ends his affair with the model and heads home since he can't get in touch with Raven and while babysitting, Wayne slips the girls sleeping pills in their hot chocolate and once they fall asleep, he leaves to work on his plan.

Once Eric gets home, he finds the girls alone and accuses Raven of everything under the sun and his mother and sister come over so that he can go out looking for her. Again, they show their displeasure about Raven and call her unfit.

At the studio, Raven is getting ready to shoot her scene and Wayne sneaks into the building and begins a killing spree of employees.

This is a rare horror movie that portrays a Scream Queen as a working mother and leading a normal life off the set and if some of the names look familiar, they were also involved with Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Rochon would also go on to appear in an updated version for that movie's thirtieth anniversary in 1999.

From comedy to more serious roles, Rochon shows no sign of slowing down even when faced with adversity.

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