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Scott & Laci Peterson.. And Amber Frey

Scott & Laci Peterson; The Handsome Young Couple


Very Happy, Pregnant, Laci


Laci Rocha Peterson

Laci Rocha was born in Modesto California in 1975. She grew up to become a pretty and popular girl with ambitions of achieving an education and then settling down to a family lifestyle that might could easily fit the model of the American dream. Laci was off to a great start in achieving her ideal life, with natural good looks and a perfect smile, she became a high school cheerleader and then moved on to Cal Poly University to get her teaching degree. It was while studying her major that she met Scott Peterson in a restaurant. The couple began dating immediately and were soon engaged. The engagement lasted several months while the couple planned their big day. It was a whirlwind romance that seemed ideal. Scott was s handsome and cordial young man, and Laci was beautiful and hard working. It seemed that nothing could stop this dynamic duo from becoming financially and emotionally successful in life.

Just months before Laci graduated college the couple married in 1997. At first the newly married couple decided to put off having children and thoroughly enjoy their married life but by 2000 Laci was ready to start a family. The road to pregnancy was not a smooth one for Laci and the couple found themselves trying to conceive for two years before Laci finally fell pregnant. She was so thrilled about her pregnancy that she wasted no time in telling her friends and family that she was due to deliver Connor Peterson on February 10, 2003, and it seemed that the couple were on their way to building the ideal American family.

The Rocha Family Tried All They Could To Find Laci


Scott and Laci Peterson


Laci Disappears

Sometime around December 23 2002 Laci disappeared from sight. At approximately 10:15 am the next day, a neighbor discovered Laci's dog running through the neighborhood and dragging his muddy leash behind him. The neighbor quickly brought the the dog back to its yard and took note that Laci's Land Rover was in the driveway and her purse, phone, and keys were all lying on her kitchen table. Perhaps Laci was busy and the dog ran out of the house just as a phone call came in. It could have meant anything at this point.

At approximately 5:30 pm Scott Peterson arrived home from a fishing trip. He showered, ate a frozen dinner and then called Sharon Rocha, Laci's mother, to ask if Laci was with her. When Sharon said that he had not heard from Laci Scott announced, "Laci is missing". At that very moment Sharon had a sick feeling that something terrible had happened to her daughter and she called the police right away.

Scott stated that before he left on his fishing trip Laci had told him that she was planning on shopping and then taking the dog for a walk.

Police sent out a search team, interviewed all who had been in contact with Laci, but immediately had their suspicions about Scott and the strange story that he had been fishing all day while his pregnant wife remained home. It was Christmas eve and young women due to give birth in little more than one month simply do not venture far without telling someone.

Scott seemed distraught, and Laci's parents were comforting and supportive of him. But, their main concern was to do as much as the could immediately to bring Laci back.

Amber Around the Time She Met Scott


Scott Peterson & Amber Frey Weeks Before Laci's Murder


Scott Peterson Meets Amber Frey

Through an acquaintance who had no idea that he was married Scott Peterson was set up on a blind date with Amber Frey. Amber was instantly attracted to Scott. He was good looking, and carried himself with confidence. The two went to an upscale Japanese restaurant where Scott arranged for a private secluded room. Amber was an unwed mother who had nothing but the worst experiences with men, and she quickly asked if he had ever been married and Scott quickly responded, no. After hours of champagne, Japanese food and great conversation, the couple slow danced the night away, and sang at a Karaoke bar.

After an exciting evening the couple went to Scott's hotel room where they had sex for the first time. It would later come out that Amber was not a very smart or classy women because she had sex with him only a few hours after meeting this man. But Amber was only 27 years old and as a single mother, was experiencing loneliness and a level of desperation. She could not resist Scott. He was charming, charismatic, and seemed to have a stable career. She felt as though she wanted to be with in in every way.

The next time the couple saw each other was Dec 2nd. Scott and Amber solidified their chemistry by spending quality time together and Amber was fully swept off her feet, apparently, so was Scott.

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Scott called Amber out of the blue on December 9th with a serious tone in his voice. He wanted to come clean and tell Amber that he had been married and had lost his wife. He said that he had been depressed about it and still had possession of his wife's Land Rover. He also expressed that he was thinking about selling her car. Amber asked little in the way of questions and quickly forgave Scott for not telling her originally. The couple courted again and Scott spent the night at Amber's home. The couple hiked, played with Amber's daughter and thoroughly bonded, but Amber was later to describe this meeting as the first time she got a sinking feeling that things were not all completely honest with Scott. He told Amber that he was going away with his parents for Christmas and when Amber asked for his address so that she could send him a present he gave her a Post office box.

Scott was not traveling with his parents to Maine and then to Europe for New Year's eave, as he had told Amber, but was actually going home to his wife, Laci, who had been attending Christmas parties alone and telling family members that Scott was on a business trip.

Discovery of Laci

In April 13, 2003 a couple noticed what looked to be a newborn baby in San Francisco Bay. It was wrapped in tape and bore a large gash. One day later a badly decomposed body of a female wearing maternity clothes was discovered one mile away from where the baby was found. The woman's body was decapitated and missing limbs. The same tape that was wrapped around the baby was also discovered on the woman's maternity clothes.

After months of questioning and investigating it is believed that Scott Peterson dumped his wife's body December 24, Christmas Eve, into the San Francisco Bay.

Scott called Laci's parents to report her missing after his fishing trip and on December 26, police searched the home of Scott Peterson, impounded his car and Laci's Land Rover. The story of a missing pregnant woman was so unusual that it got full television coverage, but Amber was not watching any of it, she thought that Scott was on a plane to Paris.

Amber was a steel willed woman who had been quite lonely when she met Scott but she was not one to put up with nonsense. When she called his cell phone to leave a voice mail, he picked up. Amber immediately grilled him on where he was and what he was doing. Scott told her he was in New York, but Amber did a timeline calculation and reminded him that he should be flying over the Atlantic. Amber then immediately bombarded him with more questions, "do you have a wife right now"? "do you have a girlfriend." He said no. But Amber was suspicious and had a friend who was a police officer. She wasted no further time in asking the officer to a check on Scott Peterson.

On December 29th Amber got a frantic phone call from her police officer friend. Amber was simply hoping to discover that Scott was not married, but with the phone call coming in at shortly after 1:30 in the morning, she was filled with anger, despair, and hut feelings when she picked up the phone. To her surprise, the officer simply said "I am going to give you a phone number and you have to call and talk to them." The number was that of the Modesto Police Department.

Deadly Game: The Untold Story of the Scott Peterson Investigation

Amber Frey Spilled the Beans that Lead to the Arrest of Scott Peterson


Scott Peterson at the Time of His Arrest


Amber Frey Talking to Reporters

Amber became the witness for the prosecution. She was proof that Scott premeditated he murder of his wife and unborn son. She called Scott and asked probing questions while the conversations were being recorded. Scott had decided that he wanted to get rid of Laci and all that was attached to his life wither her so that he could be with Amber Frey, and he did not want Amber to know that he had a pregnant wife. Scott's desire to move on to Amber while leaving Laci in the San Francisco Bay was not going to happen. What must he have thought when the whole thing was unraveling?

Amber Frey was bashed by the mainstream media as a loose woman, and a temptress. They regularly called her "Scott's mistress." Fox News, a news media that has a reputation for stepping outside the box and narrowing in on "just the facts," came to Amber's defense stating, "she is not Scott's mistress. Amber thought that Scott was her boyfriend. " This gave Amber support and courage to come forward with her story that eventually led to the best seller, Witness: For the Prosecution. The Scott Peterson Story.

Scott told lie after lie to the media, while police, detectives and investigators were continually linking hard evidence to him. He was being watched in his home daily and police began to see behavior that appeared to be that of he making an identity change and trying to flee. He had died his hair blond and was growing a beard.

Scott was arrested, tried, and sentenced to death by lethal injection.

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Glenda Goddard (author) from Arizona on February 27, 2014:

Thank you Bk42author. It truly is sad. He could have had it all, but he just couldn't appreciate his life and now he is on death row...

Brenda Thornlow from New York on February 27, 2014:

This is such a heartbreaking story. I read that book, very interesting, to say the least. He is such a cruel sociopath! Great hub!

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