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Satyricon, "The Shadowthrone" Album Review

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Basic Details About The Shadowthrone

Length: 48 minutes and 58 seconds

Label that it was signed under: Moonfog Productions

Genre: black metal but we could call it melodic black metal in some cases.

Why Is The Shadowthrone Such a Good Album?

Satyricon is one of the oldest Norwegian metal bands in existence and for those of us that discover their music so late it is a shame because their second studio album The Shadowthrone released in 1994 is a black metal release that is even better than the title suggests or might imply. One of the reasons why this is such a good black metal album is because of the first track that starts off this album and it is called “Hvite Krists Dod” or White Christ’s Death in English. This first song is one of two of them that have lyrics in Norwegian.

Musical Style of "The Shadowthrone"

The style is dark and very much symphonic in nature. You can notice this because there is this orchestrated feel in this song. Upon hearing this you may be tempted to stop listening to this album but you would not be doing yourself a favor by any means and you will miss out on what is a solid black metal album. The style is similar to Dimmu Borgir, Finntroll, and other similar bands. The drumming resembles that fast black metal style for sure as it changes from super-fast to moderate, sometimes very quickly. Some of you may find that you tolerate the music of Satyricon easier than that of Dimmu Borgir in spite of how dark the guitar riffs are in this album. The vocals are not as rough as that of Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir. One con if there is any to this album could be that the length of the songs may be a bit too much for some listeners to handle but Satyricon songs usually are not 10 minutes or more. Near the end of "Dominions of Satyricon", there is a really beautiful guitar section that is atmospheric and may remind you of Arcturus, another famous black metal band.

The Shadowthrone is one of those albums that we can say that the drumming style not only fits the style of the music itself but you can also see that these guys early on knew what they were creating musically. This second one as well as the album that would follow it have this sort of pattern in which two of the seven songs have lyrics in Norwegian.

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"Dominions of Satyricon"

Final Thoughts About "The Shadowthrone"

The last song in the album which translates to In a Black Coffin is one of those symphonic style instrumentals which also has a little of dark feel. However, it is not a despondent sort of dark feel that will drag you down into the depths of despair. The style of this song can also feel like a power metal instrumental song in some aspects because it has that kind of fantasy type feel to it. The other song in this album that has Norwegian lyrics in it is the one called “Vikingland” and stylistically this song is really a lot like something that Dark Tranquillity wrote on their Skydancer debut album. It is not difficult to see why this is the case because this second Satyricon album is an album that also was transformative for the time in which it was written. There is this sort of chanting vocal style which is like a lower octave chant but it does not sound like an opera.


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