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Saturday Night Live Skit Ideas

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As a fan of the show Saturday Night Live (SNL), there are moments in life where you say to yourself, 'wow, that should be an SNL skit.' You'll be out, or you'll see something happen in your little slice of existence and just know that others would find that situation completely hilarious.

Here are the thoughts and ideas that I believe would make interesting skits on the show.

James T. Kirk


Skit - The Paternity Trial of James T. Kirk

Captain James Tiberius Kirk was a notorious womanizer. White, Black, Asian, Alien - he'd hit on anything that moved. There's no doubt he has more than just the one child hopping around the galaxy. The background is that all his former trysts sue him for alimony now that he's made the rank of admiral and could be a pretty entertaining scenario to see played out.

There could be some really interesting mixed race situations too. A special guest judge could really make this skit. Someone like Christopher Walken or Will Farrell. Miley Cyrus as one of the women would be ideal.

Either way, it would be a hilarious skit if done right.


Jim Harbaugh Coaching/Playing Attire


Skit - Standardized Coaching Attire

In the sport of baseball, the coach/manager wears the same attire as the entire team. It's one of the few sports where this happens. How interesting of a skit would it be if all sports standardized and made the manager wear the uniforms.

Gregg Popovich in baggy shorts and tank top. Hockey coaches in full gear, with fight scene of course. Football coaches in helmets and pads. The topper might be gymnastics but I'm not sure anyone would want to see SNL pull Bella Karoli out of retirement in female gymnastics attire. Nor do we think the cable ratings people would find that as funny as we would.

The Jack Ryans

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Skit - Jack Ryan Reunion

The scene is set in a bar in Washington, DC. Assembled are all the men who have played Jack Ryan, ideally when Chris Pine is hosting. It gives the perfect opportunity to bring Alec Baldwin back for the 80th time. Ben Affleck and Harrison Ford might be a reach, so they might need to be character actors.

They can all talk about the times they thwarted the nuclear strikes, with the exception of Harrison Ford who had to battle the IRA and Columbian drug lords.

To conclude the scene, I would have all the James Bond's come into the bar and start mocking the Jack Ryans. Logistically, rather difficult, but it would be quite entertaining.

The James Bonds


Skit - Forged in Fire, It Will Not Kill

Forged in Fire is a hit History Channel show where the contestants forge a blade given certain parameters from a panel of judges. There are always four bladesmiths that compete and a panel of three judges. One of the judges is Doug Marcaida whose big catchphrase is, 'It will kill,' after he uses the forged weapons on a variety of meat carcasses.

For this skit, one of the bladesmiths would be pretty short-tempered and when his blade doesn't get judged well, he would have a psychotic episode and go after the judges. When a contestant is eliminated, they are always told to relinquish your weapon. I've been waiting for someone to disagree and chuck it at the judges for a while now.


Skit - Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft

If you've driven in the United States, you've likely come across one of these signs while driving. But how often have you ever actually seen them enforced with aircraft. An actual skit that plays this out could be pretty darned entertaining.

The options are endless - Police Cessna landing behind a car out of nowhere, Police helicopter landing in front of the car, the jet from True Lies touching down impressively after blowing the hell out of the highway.

No matter how you visualize it, you've got comedic gold here. Getting the aircraft into the set might be an issue however.


Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on March 23, 2015:

I have often been somewhere and saw things happen and said to myself, "This should be an SNL skit."

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