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All About the Life and Career of Film Actress & Gravure Model Saori Yamamoto

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Some photos of the beautiful Saori Yamamoto

Saori Yamamoto in this photo is sitting down at the bottom of a long staircase and she is dressed in a traditional Japanese school girl uniform.

Saori Yamamoto in this photo is sitting down at the bottom of a long staircase and she is dressed in a traditional Japanese school girl uniform.


Who is Saori Yamamoto?

Saori Yamamoto was born on November 16, 1985 in the capital city of Tokyo in Japan. She is a supermodel and gravure idol. it is easy to confuse her with NMB48 pop music singer Sayaka Yamamoto. This Yamamoto specializes in gravure modeling. Japan’s economy may be stagnant but they sure know how to have more beautiful women as supermodels. It seems like wherever you look there is a huge amount of good looking women in Japan. Although I think Saori Yamamoto is not as pretty as Miho Yoshioka, Yoko Matsugane or Nana Kasai, she is still really cute. This Japanese beauty is not popular outside of her home country but she is one of the most popular models in Japan.

Saori Yamamoto Basic Stats

  • Current age: 35 years old
  • Height is five feet and four inches
  • Her hair color is black
  • Her eye color is that of light brown
  • Zodiac sign is Scorpio

Saori Yamamoto With Natsume Sano


Here are some of the reasons why Saori Yamamoto is an interesting celebrity

She has the special talent of dancing. When she is not involved with her work, she likes to sing and play guitar in her free time. Now that’s a great way for a celebrity to expand their talents and gain a larger following!

Saori Yamamoto in photos (song is BOA's I Did It For Love)

Saori Yamamoto: Her Career and Movie Works

As is very common in Japan, Saori started modeling when she was only 15 years of age. Gravure idols start their modeling work during their teenage years and their careers usually last into their 20's. In some cases, gravure idols do this kind of work when they are in their 30's.

She released her first DVD in May of 2002 called Protea followed by another release a year later in May 2003. This DVD is titled Pure Smile. Saori is also an actress. Her first movie appearance was in the movie called Bra Shooter. Saori has also made an appearance in a theatrical film called Enkiri Village: Dead End Survival in 2011.

Saori Yamamoto Makes An Appearance for a Video Game & DVD

In 2005 at a game show in Tokyo, Saori announced that she would make an appearance in the video game and DVD called Gal of the Sparrow 2. In this DVD, there are appearances by other Japanese models such as Rio Natsume, Yuka Watanabe, Akari, Kaede Shimizu, Hitomi Okada and Hatsune Matsushima. However, the DVD is only sold in Japan.

Saori has also expanded her interests to include music. She released a CD on March 20, 2004 titled Toki. She plays the piano and guitar and she also has an interest in ballet.

Interestingly enough, Saori currently is playing for a soccer team called Team Spazio.

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