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Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar - Bollywood Movie Review

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Spoiler Alert:

This film is released this year without much marketing. So, there’s a major chance you haven’t seen it,

major spoilers ahead.

Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar is a 2021 black comedy thriller written by Varun Grover and Dibakar Banerjee and directed by Dibakar Banerjee. This film was released in theatres on 19th March, 2021 and got a digital release on Amazon Prime Video on 20th May, 2021.

This film begins with a long scene where we see a young (supposedly drunk) guy with his friends in a car. The camera doesn’t move, pan or tilt. We are in for the ride with the character we don’t even know name of; but quickly understand personality of. The film revolves around Sandeep Kaur (Parineeti Chopra) and Pinky Dahiya (Arjun Kapoor). In an assassination gone wrong, Sandeep and Pinky get a chance to save their lives and flee. Unwillingly, their fates are tied together.

This isn’t a novel premise. We have seen many versions of this Unfortunate-Couple-On-The-Go road thrillers. It’s almost a template. But, this film does it differently with its screenplay. The storytelling by Banerjee and Grover doesn’t follow the genre trope. In fact, this film progresses slowly and develops its characters with patience.

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The first act of this film will grab your whole attention. Every plot point in the first act goes the usual route, but with a twist. For instance, once the couple gets out of trouble for a moment, they don’t run so quickly. Rather, the run happens like reality. The whole second act deals with Sandeep and Pinky’s try to find residence and their way out of the country.

I really loved the fact that the threat is not immediate or so overwhelming that there’s no way out. Much like in real life, the villains can’t go completely out of their way to stop the leads. They can’t just pull out their phones and call some minister to stop everything. Instead of all these clichés, we see Tyagi (Jaideep Ahlawat), the policeman on the back of leads, not being so effective. He doesn’t do much until the third act. He isn’t a mastermind as much as just a human being.

These little nuances given to otherwise stereotypical characters bring joy and wholesomeness to this film. Banerjee is very much interested in the dark elements and motives of characters than simple Blacks and Whites. We see an almost unsettling scene where Pinky tried to kill Sandeep. We see Pinky’s inability to kill, but he’s neither the hero. He is okay with leaving Sandeep behind, even goes through with the plan.

Sandeep Kaur & Pinky Dahiya

Sandeep Kaur & Pinky Dahiya

These characters aren’t developed with one scene of reflection or realization. There’s slow growth in the characters that are mostly internal. While Banerjee tells the story of our main characters, there’s a constant social commentary going on in the film. Like, not one female character in the film can achieve their goals.

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Sandy keeps on trying to find new ways to achieve her small goals, but men bring her down. Be it her boss-cum-lover or the small town manager of Parivartan Bank. The exception is Pinky, who also begins the same way; but the internal side of Pinky gets better of him. “Use head, Not heart.” Says Pinky; but ends up using heart. This is the case with Neena Gupta’s character as well who helps our lead duo to stay at their place. Her husband, played by Raghuvir Yadav, claims her life and death belong to him.

Neena Gupta & Raghuvir Yadav

Neena Gupta & Raghuvir Yadav

With these heavy themes and commentaries, Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar becomes much more of an exploration of the world and the characters rather than a quick wit thriller. This film works on many levels due to brilliant direction, amazing cinematography, and brilliant writing. The performances by almost every actor are memorable. Arjun Kapoor really fits in the role of Bulky Suspended Policeman Pinky. Parineeti Chopra’s performance will get the better of you emotionally. Lookout when she loses her child. The cherry on top is Jaideep Ahlawat. He slays the screen whenever he comes on.

Jaideep Ahlawat

Jaideep Ahlawat

Finally, it is a tragic fact that not most of the audiences have seen this film. The theatre run of this film was largely disappointing. This film needs to be seen for all the hard work put in it to tell this story. I couldn’t watch this film in theatre myself since it wasn’t even released in my city.

Do watch this film on Amazon Prime Video for the message it gives, the story it tells, and the characters it inhabits.

If you have watched it, let me know in the comments what you liked and what you didn’t about this film.

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