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Samael, "Eternal" Album Review

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This Album Is Similar In Style to German band Rammstein

Eternal is the 5th studio album released by Switzerland’s Samael in 1999 and with this album, the transformation of the band into a fully industrial metal band is pretty much established if we can say that. This is one of those albums that took a few listens to really get accustomed to because of the electronic style sounds in it. Some might even say that this album sounds like something that the band Rammstein would create and they certainly wouldn’t be wrong in that assessment.

Analysis of the Song "Together"

“Together” is a song that lyrically is about bringing people together especially at the time as the world was planning to make a transition into a new century. Will we live and then depart from this world making the world a better place for future generations? That would be a great plan to carry out.

Analysis of the Song "Year Zero"

“Year Zero” may either literally or metaphorically refer to what it is like in life when a human is born. They come into the world as an infant and before they turn a year old, they would technically be at year zero if we use a technical description of the human life cycle. There are plans made in life and when a human comes into the world, there is a world outside that they must explore.


About the Songs "Ways," "Us," "I," and "Being"

“Ways” is a song that is lyrically about the fact that we as humans resist the passage of time. We do not know for sure what is at the end when we reach the end of life and we are about to die. “Us” is a song that is lyrically about uniting as one to make the world a better place to live. “I” is one of those songs that encourages forgiveness. The song also says that we should hold our urge to fight and instead send love and light as we do not need to fight another war. This concept is fine and a very great thing to try and do but too many people in the world are consumed by a need to be belligerent. This is not to say that most people in the world are motivated to hurt others but there are some that have a personality of rage in themselves. “Being” is a song that lyrically tries to tell us that anything is possible for us to achieve if we explore what is around us and not just in space.


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Final Thoughts About This 1999 Album by Samael

Eternal is an album that sees Samael trying to point out both the good and evil aspects of human beings and it may be their most lyrically thought provoking album to date. If you can get used to the electronic sounds this may be an album you just might enjoy. Then there are songs such as “Supra Karma” which start with a keyboard driven sound which may to some degree resemble the band Paradise Lost.

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