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Saki Shimizu Japanese Pop Music Singer and Former Captain of Girl Group Berryz Kobo

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Saki Shimizu: her entry into Berryz Kobo

Saki Shimizu (not to be confused with Saki Aibu) is a Japanese pop music singer and former captain of the girl group known as Berryz Kobo. For those of you that enjoyed reading about lives and careers of Erina Mano and Mai Satoda, this biography of Saki Shimizu is sure to interest you.

The group’s name is sometimes spelled as Berryz Koubou. Saki’s career began in 2002 when she passed the audition for a group called Hello! Project Kids. This is a group that has all female teen girls in it and it is part of Hello! Project which consists of many groups such as Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo, and C-ute. It was also in 2002 that Shimizu was cast as a main character in the film called Koinu Dan no Monogatari. Many members of Morning Musume took part in this. In 2003, Saki was chosen to be in the group called ZYX. This group had five members of Hello! Project Kids and Mari Yaguchi who was there as a mentor. The group released two singles and they were Iku ZYX FLY HIGH and Shiroi Tokyo. They only remained active until 2004 when Momoko Tsugunga and Shimizu were chosen to become members of Berryz Kobo. A huge portion of the members representing Hello! Project including Shimizu were part of the unit called H.P. All Stars. In 2004, this unit released the single called “All for One and One for All! This single is one of the main themes of Hello! Project.

Profile of Saki Shimizu and Interesting Facts

  • Her birthday is November 22, 1991.
  • She was born in Kanagawa, Japan.
  • She is only five feet tall.
  • She is under contract with the agency UP FRONT PROMOTION since 2012.
  • Her favorite artist is said to be SMAP.
  • Saki has played the piano since she was a child.
  • She has had the longest tenure in Berryz Kobo now lasting ten years.
  • Following the graduation of Erika Umeda in 2009, Saki Shimizu is now the oldest member of Hello! Project Kids.
  • She has a dog whose name is Kurumi.
  • She prefers hand written letters over e-mail.
  • She collected 500 yen coins so that she could buy a present for her mother (how sweet!)
  • Saki Shimizu has said that she wants to visit the houses of all of the Berryz Kobo members.
  • Saki Shimizu is also well-known as being one of the best dancers to be a part of Hello! Project and often she works alongside those that are older than her and focus on dancing.
  • In an interview in a Berryz Kobo DVD Magazine, Saki said that her favorite member of the group is Miyabi Natsuyaki. Miyabi Natsuyaki is also a bikini model that has one heck of a body!
  • Her strongest subject is math.
  • Her favorite food is grilled meat.
  • She taught the other Berryz Kobo members about yakiniku, special style of Japanese cooking.
  • Saki’s name is a combination of her grandmother’s name Sa and her mother’s name which is Ki.
  • Her song during the audition process was Te wo Nigitte Arukitai.
  • She was also very close to Megumi Murakami during the time spent in the unit ZYX. Murakami was one of the members that sang with Miki Fujimoto and Miyabi Natsuyaki.
  • For all of her accomplishments, Saki was also the winner of the CM competition in the Hello! Project Magazine Volume #15.

Saki Shimizu’s middle career (2006-2009)

On December 31, 2006, Shimizu’s career really took off when she appeared on stage at the 57th annual Kohaku Uta Gassen or red and white song contest and she was a backup dancer for Morning Musume’s performance of Aruiteru along with Berryz Kobo, Country Musume, and C-ute. 2006 would also be the year that Makoto Ogawa would leave Morning Musume in order to study English in New Zealand. Saki Shimizu was the shortest member of Berryz Kobo until May 2006 when it was revealed that she is now 2 centimeters taller than her band mate Momoko Tsugunaga.

Two years later in 2008, Shimizu became part of another group and this one was called High-King. The group released the single called Cinderella Complex in order to promote Morning Musume’s Cinderella the Musical. In 2009, Morning Musume producer TSUNKU announce his intention to go to South Korea to hold auditions there. Shimizu joined him along with Risa Niigaki, Ai Takahashi, Reina Tanaka, Qian Lin, and Maimi Yajima.

A few more photos of Saki Shimizu

From the Berryz Kobo 7th anniversary photo session. Saki Shimizu has a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

From the Berryz Kobo 7th anniversary photo session. Saki Shimizu has a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

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Saki Shimizu's Career (2012-2014)

In the summer of 2012, Shimizu would star in a stage play called Cat’s Eye and this was based on a manga. She then became a member of the group called Cat’s Eye 7 which was created to promote this play. The play would run from September 22, 2012 through September 30, 2012. An interesting fact to note is that she loves pigs and is a collector of pig related merchandise. She also collected hand written letters from other Berryz Kobo members and classmates when she was in school. Saki Shimizu is very close with Maimi Yajima, Erika Umeda, and Mari Yaguchi whom she refers to sometimes as her big sister and looks up to her as her role model. During a vacation to Hawaii, she shared a room with Berryz Kobo member Chinami Tokunaga. Tokunaga is considered by Shimizu to be the most troublesome member in the group due to her emotions running high. As of this writing, Saki has also released a solo photo book called Shimizu Saki. It was released on January 12, 2011. The photo book shows Saki displaying her small but sexy body while dressed in a bikini! The photo book also shows Saki in a traditional school uniform or Saki swimming and she also took the time to do some surfing. Saki Shimizu is a captain of a pop music group, stage actress, and a bikini model. She can really do it all and that’s why her future is filled with lots of promise.

Saki Shimizu sings her version of "Cha Cha SING"

Saki Shimizu: Eye Surgery and Graduation From Berryz Kobo

On February 17, 2014, Saki revealed that she had surgery done on her eye. She said that she had been feeling like she had a lump in her eyelid for several months. She consulted with her doctor and it was agreed that she would have surgery done. She told her fans to not worry about her because even though it may have sounded serious it was not serious at all. Saki had to work with an eye patch for about a week. She appeared at events showing lots of energy and enthusiasm. On March 3, 2015, Shimizu had her last concert with Berryz Kobo as the group went into hiatus. Saki also announced her graduation from the group.

What Did Saki Shimuzu Do After Leaving Berryz Kobo?

Shimizu was also partially responsible for the formation of Tsubaki Factory which is another girl group. She was present at an event for trainees for Hello! Project when the announcement was made. This event took place in September 2016. On March 3, 2021, it was announced that she (Shimizu) had married a man that is not a celebrity. She also revealed that she would be ending her exclusive management contract with the agency J.P. Room in late November 2021 when that would be her 30th birthday. Shimizu would retire from the entertainment business on November 30, 2021.

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