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Star Trek Discovery

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Many of us anticipated Star Trek - Discovery.

We assumed that those who wrote the scripts or did the casting, produced or did the makeup were as familiar with the show as we were.

From the first episode it was clear that those involved in the production of the show knew nothing of Star Trek, probably never watched it, and were going off on a twisted excursion of their own.

To say that Trekkers found the show repugnant is a nice way of putting it.


What the....?

Star Trek has basic tenants; i.e everyone gets along, everyone is committed to the mission, everyone supports the leadership.

In basic Star Trek, the members of the cast are likable, at least tolerable, and blend well with each other. It always seemed to viewers that the actors mingled off camera.

When it comes to the various alien races, they have certain appearances; Vulcan, Ferrangi, and of course, Klingon.

They all have 'back stories' and a culture. Those who watched every show and movie from TOS know the basics and can virtually 'predict' how a Vulcan would respond contra a Klingon.

STD threw all that in the garbage tin as if TOS et. al. never existed. STD created its very own version of Star Trek.

'What the...?' must have burst from every Trekker's mouth seeing this abomination.


Those who knew very little or nothing about Star Trek could watch the show as if it was a brand new concept.

Those who knew Star Trek were outraged.

The producer fired two show runners fairly quickly to appease the viewers, but didn't go far enough.

Thinking to somehow catch back interest of the Trekkers, the characters of Pike and Spock would feature in the 2nd Season.

That it had a second season was astounding, considering what rubbish it was, but shoving in two well loved characters should keep the eyes of the public on the show.

And it did.

Not that the second season was good, it wasn't. But the actor who played Captain Pike caught the eye. The actor who played Spock didn't, but hey! It was Spock!.

Season Two was somewhat watchable save for potato head Klingons and the repulsive members of the cast. There was an attempt to make them a bit more palatable but it didn't really work.

The Conflict of 'Fans'

Those who knew nothing about Star Trek liked the show and slapped away the responses of Trekkers.

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They seemed not to 'get' that Star Trek existed before STD and that there was a 'Canon', that is a set of rules.

As an aside, if one watched Elementary or Sherlock one would note how hard the writers tried to stick to the 'Canon' of Sherlock Holmes. Although moving the time to today from the 19th century, both shows kept the character of Sherlock Holmes 'intact'.

They kept them on Baker Street, kept their side kick as a Doctor Watson, and the same kind of crime solving we knew in the original version was preserved. This is because Sherlock Holmes generates a kind of respect.

Obviously, Star Trek does not. Hence STD went off on its own path.

Those who knew nothing about Star Trek defended it, those who knew the show, stopped watching after the Second Season; if they got that far.

Trying to Maintain STD

Realising that the writers, show runners, all those in charge had messed up, big time, STD was moved to the far future.

Clearly, no one attached to the show had bothered to view previous versions of Star Trek nor needed to. They would make it up as they went along.

That they were supported by those who knew nothing of Star Trek who watched STD as a pro to Trekker's anti, kept it on the air when by all rights, it should have failed at the introduction of potato headed Klingons.



When one is 'recreating' a show or having 'sequels' or 'prequels' it should be mandatory that the producers/show runners/ writers be familiar with the Original.

If they are not, then simply watching the original episodes, to get the trend and images is important. To go off on a frolic as STD accomplished ought not have been done.

Klingons, for example, should resemble Worf. Just as if one were doing another version of Ninja Turtles one should 'copy' the appearance, not fly off into some other iteration.

STD could have been, at least interesting, if they hired a few Trekkers to keep the Canon.

But they didn't.

So the show will run its course and fade into oblivion, never considered in the same breath as TOS.


qeyler (author) on June 08, 2021:

None of the acting was good... none of the story lines... if they hadn't slapped 'Star Trek' on it....

Nathan Bernardo from California, United States of America on June 07, 2021:

I was able to get through the first season and liked many aspects of it as a story generally, but at some point after that I just quit watching it; but for a different reason than the one you're talking about here, though I understand your point. The main reason I quit watching it was that the actress playing Michael is so horrendous; her acting is just atrocious and obnoxious. Other than that, the show was just too heavy-handed and contrived.

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