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SMC News: Foreman Empire Strikes Back

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Shreco Bakari has had one hit after another these past few years, his films dominating festivals around the world. Top Indie Film Awards awarded Bakari with Best Writing for Bloody Mary and the London Film festival awarded Rau with Best Actress for her portrayal of Bloody Mary. The first Bloody Mary film has received a total of 19 awards so far and there's still more being reported!

Now, Shreco is back in the director's chair for another go at the sinister apparition, bringing the legend of Bloody Mary back for Curse of Bloody Mary. Heidi Rau will be returning as Bloody Mary after garnering so much praise for her portrayal in the first film.

While the entire Ominous Project Universe (OPU) is a shared universe, it's great to see expansions of individual stories, like Carnage was an expansion of Isolation. This will be the first direct continuation, however, since Macabre File. The plot is as follows:

"Just days after the horrific events of Bloody Mary (2021), Damian Moore is contacted by his twin brother, Trey Moore, who's been charged with the murder of 3 young teens from the events in the 1st film. In order for Trey to escape a life sentence, Damian and his friends must return to the where it all began and play the sinister game. What they experience is something more grisly and unsettling than they could imagine. This time, Bloody Mary is more bloodthirsty & ferocious than ever before in this terrifying continuation."


The lineup this go around is sure to attract some ensemble awards just like the first did. Eryn Murphy and Shreco Bakari of course are both returning as well as Heidi Rau as previously reported. Tonya Cole is back, most likely reprising her role as host of her mystery show similar to Unsolved Mysteries. But we do have some fresh faces. There's Dalton Burdette, who has a Daniel Bruhl-esque quality about him. Cicely Jackson, who has an unforgettable smile, is sure to bring an unforgettable performance. Grae Jordan, Bianca Wilson, Alexsia Tarquini, and Dana Redd also star. The teaser poster has also been released:

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The poster reveals the creepy, unsettling image of Bloody Mary reaching for her next victim. As the plot summary promises, Mary is ferocious and unforgiving, already hyping up horror fans everywhere. While I personally have only seen a rough draft of the first 35 pages of the script, I can already say with certainty that Curse of Bloody Mary will not disappoint. So many sequels, especially horror sequels, fall by the wayside or destroys its own continuity. Shreco's film, however, will be the best entry yet in his Ominous Project Universe. What I'm curious to see is where he goes from here. His films have gotten better with each entry and have built upon each other to deliver the chills and thrills horror fans have been craving for years. Throughout film history, we've been blessed with true visionaries of horror directing. Alfred Hitchcock, William Friedkin, James Wan...and now Shreco Bakari. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to see him win an Oscar for best film, best writing, and best directing. Heidi Rau is also sure to achieve greatness. Being an already successful real estate agent, adding best actress to that resume isn't shabby at all. That's the beauty of Bakari's Foreman Empire Productions. So many people have been elevated and inspired and touched both emotionally and mentally. Foreman Empire hit a home run with Bloody Mary. With Curse of Bloody Mary, Foreman Empire strikes back.


Horror and Found Footage sub genre specialist, Shreco Bakari, brings you the 2nd entry in the sophomore season of his found footage horror series "The Ominous Project Universe Presents". 'Curse of Bloody Mary' was a film entry that came out of nowhere while he was in Dallas, TX for a big audition in January of 2022. With the help of his amazing team of dedicated women; Foreman Empire Productions gives you their first film of the 2022 season in hopes to inspire, wow, frighten and surprise audiences and film festival juries.


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