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Ryan Peavy: Hallmark Fans Are Concerned He's Returning to General Hospital


Hope springs eternal for Peavy fans

Ryan Peavy walked away from his popular General Hospital character Detective James Nathan West in 2017. Nathan who was a fan favorite was shot and killed by his father Ceasar Faison ( Anders Hovis) and fans, as well as his on-screen family, were devastated. His widow Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) gave birth to their son James with the help of Nathan's half-brother Peter August (Wes Ramsey). The two began dating and Maxie gave birth to a daughter Louise by August .. Peavy said he left the ABC soap in order to try other things and he ended up starring in a number of Hallmark movies. Some GH fans are wondering now that Peter has met his demise if perhaps Nathan might come back from the dead? Peavy once said he would be open for a return and now seems like the perfect opportunity. Some GH viewers believe Maxie is going to be paired with Austin Holt( Roger Howarth) but for the majority hope springs eternal that her beloved late husband will come back to Port Charles. There were rumors in September that Nathan might be resurrected and GH fans were excited to hear this. Now Hallmark fans are wondering why the actor is not listed as being in any upcoming films and wondering if he is headed back to GH.

GH fans want Nathan to return to Maxie

GH fans want Nathan to return to Maxie

Victor Cassadine may play a role

Victor Casadine (Charles Shaughnessy) was once smitten with Maxie's mother in law Liesl Obrecht (Kathlene Gati) who is in a relationship with Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner). ed him in weeks. A possible scenario on General Hospital that would bring Nathan back would be if somehow Victor had stolen his body and is holding him somewhere. Shaughnessey has been off-screen since February and has just returned so his present agenda is not clear. He might use the information as leverage in an attempt to get Liesl to fall in love with him again. Perhaps Nathan is in the facility on Cassadine Island where General Hospital viewers believe Holly Sutton (Emma Sams) is being held. Some fans also think this is where Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Buddig) is located and there has even been talk that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) might be alive and well in the same place. All of this is speculation but with Victor involved any number of things could be possible.

will one of Faison's sons replace the other again?

will one of Faison's sons replace the other again?

Ryan Peavey fans are watching

Hallmark actors work on an as-needed basis and are not on contract. Peavy has become a regular in the network's movies and developed quite a following. A recent soap spoiler asked the question of whether or not, the actor was still on contract with the movie network because Ryan does not have a role in the network's upcoming holiday movie Christmas in London. This is surprising because Paevy and Jen Lily seem like staples when it comes to the Hallmark movies. The only thing listed as upcoming on Ryan's calendar is his appearance at Romadram in Palm Beach on June 24 and 25th of this year. This is disappointing to Hallmark fans but delightful to Paevy's General Hospital followers. Those who desire to see him come back to the ABC soap will be watching and waiting to find out how this current saga of Maxie and Austin plays out and waiting to s if Nathan returns.

WIll Nathan be ressurected?

WIll Nathan be ressurected?

Maxie's future

Once the dust settles Maxie could begin a real relationship with Austin and it could work out very well for them. Just when they believe everything is falling into place Nathan could return from the grave and make the situation very complicated. If Victor does resurrect Nathan he could always blame everything on Peter August who would not be around to discredit him. Cassadine will do anything to come out on top and appear to be the hero. Now that Felicia is back in Port Charles she will be a big assist to her daughter and she happens to be a fan of Austin. If her former son-in-law turns up alive and well she would no doubt want Maxie to spend her future with the father of her son. Be on the lookout for updates regarding Ryan Peavy and what comes next for him and if it leads him back to General Hospital and Port Charles.

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