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Ruthless: Last Supper

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The Highest has been betrayed and he is out for blood in the “Last Supper.” Andrew is on the run from the insane cult leader who is determined to torture anyone in his path who chooses to disagree with his ideology. There is pain and immeasurable suffering in this episode of ‘Ruthless.’


“I’m So Tired”

The story begins with The Highest coping with the reality of Andrew being an FBI agent. “Evil has to be met with evil,” The Highest tells Dikhan. He vows to “go to war” to prevent the blood of the innocent from being spilled by the “evil government.” The search for Andrew is on as The Highest wants blood for the transgressions committed.


“You Shouldn’t Be In Here”

River comes into the finance trailer where Joan tells him trouble is imminent if Dikhan catches him in the trailer. River tells Joan The Highest is talking about abandoning the group after he takes all the money laundered by the cartel.

Joan calmly tells River she does not believe The Highest will leave given the fact that he can only get increments of funds at a time. She is, however, “concerned” about the possibility of The Highest going off the deep-end.


“Who Is That?”

Zane brings bread and water to Lacey and Oliver who are still in the punishment trailer for attempting to leave the camp. To her surprise, the Elder Mother is in the trailer and demands to know why she would choose disobedience. Zane successfully convinces the Elder Mother to refrain from telling The Highest, which would lead to punishment.


“Where Is The Elder Mother?”

Meanwhile, Ruth is looking for the Elder Mother as the old woman is the only one who cooks for The Highest. She asks River about the Elder Mother’s whereabouts before he shares his theory of The Highest taking all the money and abandoning the camp. Ruth tells River it is vital that they find the Elder Mother so she can feed The Highest and also give him the medication needed to balance his emotions.

Later, River finds Zane near the punishment trailer. He learns the Elder Mother is in the trailer. River reprimands Zane for bringing her friends food while they are in the punishment trailer. He also informs her that she is at risk if the Elder Mother tells The Highest.


“For The Raku”

In another part of the camp, Andrew checks in on his fellow brothers who view Ruth as their “queen.” One of the men says they all want to be The Highest now that he will soon have a wife.

Meanwhile, Ruth summons Andrew to the kitchen where she asks for answers. “What is going on,” Ruth asks. Andrew comes clean about his work as an FBI agent to which Ruth responds with rhetoric in line with the Rakudushi camp.

“So you’re the evil government,” Ruth tells Andrew. “I am dedicated to the Raku,” she adds when Andrew tells her he knows she is not a believer. “You need to leave,” Ruth tells Andrew. He advises her to check the cooler where Victor is being tortured if she does not believe him. “Get out of my face,” Ruthe exclaims.

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“Don’t Get Smart With Me, Deserter”

The Elder Mother continues to confidently declare herself better than Lacey and Oliver despite being in the same trailer. Oliver advises Lacey to stop talking to the Elder Mother.

“He may not be mad at her at all,” Oliver tells Lacey in reference to The Highest and his many tactics. “She might have been sent here to torture you,” he adds. The Elder Mother goes along with the notion of her being sent to the trailer by The Highest to annoy Lacey. The old woman promises to ask The Highest to place Lacey in her care.


“Is There Something Wrong?”

Dikhan summons the men and places them on high alert in search of Andrew. He specifically tells Manny that it is extremely important that they find the FBI agent without sharing why Andrew must be tracked down.

Meanwhile, Ruth takes Andrew’s advice and decides to look in the cooler where Victor is being held. He awakes and grabs her by the throat in an effort to escape. Ruth hits Victor and successfully closes the cooler only to turn around to The Highest who demands to know why she is in the area.

“What are you doing,” The Highest asks Ruth. She tells him she was looking for food to prepare for him since the Elder Mother was not around.

“So you’re concerned about me,” The Highest tells Ruth. She answers affirmatively to which The Highest tells her that only the Elder Mother may prepare his meals. He dismisses her only to call her back to introduce Victor as “the evil government.” The Highest asks Ruth if she would like to kill Victor and she says no. “You know I’m pregnant,” Ruth tells The Highest. “That would be a bit too much for me,” she adds.

Ruth successfully changes the subject back to mealtime at which point The Highest admits the Elder Mother is in the punishment trailer. “She’s had enough. You can go get her out, and have her go to the kitchen,” The Highest tells Ruth. She leaves at which point The Highest decides to talk with Victor.

The FBI agent begs for his freedom to which The Highest declines. Victor then says, “Okay, if I’m dying, then [expletive] you.” The Highest tells him he will get his wish. “Only I’ll be [expletive] you,” the cult leader declares. He then closes the door of the cooler and walks away.


“I Have Nothing To Say To You”

Ruth comes into the trailer where Brian and Lynn are being held captive. Brain attempts to convince Ruth to set him free by telling him about her daughter’s father who asked for help after Ruth kidnapped the little one from their home. Brian tells Ruth he knows Callie is being held captive by The Highest. She shuts him down and leaves the trailer only to find Dikhan on the other side.

“Don’t you think about me,” Dikhan asks Ruth. “You are an evil woman,” he adds, “I think about you all the time and I hate it.” Ruth tells Dikhan that everyone must do their part to make the camp a success. He is unwilling to accept such a reality.


“Today Is Not A Good Day”

Dikhan informs The Highest they cannot find Andrew. The cult leader asks about the possibility of the FBI agent leaving the camp. Dikhan assures The Highest that Andrew has not left as all the men are on high alert.

Ruth interrupts the conversation to ask The Highest about a key to unlock the Elder Mother. “Do I have to do everything,” he asks. Dikhan offers to unlock the Elder Mother to which The Highest declines. “I will handle this,” the cult leader says. “You find him,” The Highest orders Dikhan concerning Andrew.

The Elder Mother makes good on her promise to ask The Highest for Lacey to “convert her.” At first, the cult leader dismisses her request. Then, he inquires about why the Elder Mother is so interested in “the deserter.” The Elder Mother explains that Lacey has “been saying all kinds of things.” The Highest dismisses the Elder Mother so he can have a private conversation with Oliver and Lacey.

The cult leader commands Oliver and Lacey to have intercourse in front of him. “I’m in chains, sir,” Oliver tells The Highest. The cult leader partially frees Oliver so he can carry out the task. The Highest ultimately stabs Oliver in the back with his sword as the former soldier is making love.

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