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Run BTS Upskill Episodes: BTS Learns New Skills!

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I can’t remember how many times I have watched every episode of Run BTS, and still counting! Now that there’s no update as to when it will resume after they said goodbye for this season’s Run BTS, I started watching them again and realized that I have certain moods on what to watch. Like sometimes, I feel like re-watching the special episodes, or sometimes I feel like watching the most hilarious ones. This week, I re-watched all the episodes where they learned new things like pottery, dubbing, flower arrangement, tennis, table tennis, how to make kimchi, and how to be a barista! I wanted to relive each of this episode and share them as episode guide to those who have forgotten which episodes was which, so here they are!

1. Run BTS Episode 35: Kimchi Battle

Kimchi, a traditional side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, is a staple food in Korea. I really appreciate this episode because learning something from BTS’ culture is always a pleasure, and kimchi is a Korean treat for me whenever I feel like eating something scrumptious.

The Kimchi Battle episode was aired on January 9, 2018. Since it was the kimchi-making season, BTS learned how to make kimchi from a food expert named Park Jung-sook. She has a Cook license in Korean cuisine, and has been a Cook Master of Miryang City from 1998 to 2001. She specializes in wedding food, and is currently running a restaurant.

In this episode, our seven adorable boys were given recipes to follow, and were divided into three teams to make distinctive kimchi from different regions based from the following assignments that were randomly picked:

  • Cabbage kimchi in Gyeonggi Province c/o RM, Jin and V
  • Radish kimchi in Gyeongsang Province c/o J-Hope and Jungkook
  • Burdock and perilla leaf kimchi in Jeolla Province c/o Suga and Jimin

The best kimchi as evaluated by the teacher was the radish kimchi made by J-Hope and Jungkook. Their teacher expressed that everyone did their best, but picked the team that had the most effort. The kimchi they all made will be used for another episode of Run BTS once they have been fermented.

There are so many memorable moments from this episode! Like Jimin calling his mom about making the perilla leaf kimchi, V singing Save Me then suddenly being stopped by Jin when he was getting carried away and started dancing because Jin was holding a knife and he might hurt himself. Jin and Jimin’s pure amazement with the mandoline that was used for julienning food confirmed that these guys still cut veggies or fruits using a knife instead of the easier way. While I loved every moment in this episode, my favorite was RM’s speech when he said, “It takes some time for a man to be mature. The same goes for kimchi.” As always, RM never fails to impress me with his words!


2. Run BTS Episode 45: BTS Café

The BTS Café episode was aired on March 20, 2018. In this episode, BTS learned about coffee, and experienced how to be a barista, all thanks to Jang Hyun-woo, a 2014 Korean Barista Championship Judge, Barista for VVIPs at the G20 Summit, 2015 Korean Barista Championship Steering Committee Member, CQI Q-grader Korean Team Barista Championship Judge, Barista Association’s Education Team Leader, and Judge for the Barista Class 1 & 2 license. He’s really the best expert to teach our boys! Even I appreciate learning the terminologies for coffee-making such as leveling, tamping, and dosing!

The BTS members learned coffee-making and practiced making espresso and latte. Each of them randomly picked a signature latte to win a prize and Jin who was wearing a Cooky outfit as his punishment for being the bottom player during the previous episode, was able to redeem himself on this episode for winning the best coffee as evaluated by the expert based on balance and decoration.

Coffee assignments:

  • RM – Shakerato
  • Jin – Rosy Latte
  • Suga – Café Lemoni
  • J-Hope – Cocopresso Latte
  • Jimin – Creame Latte
  • V – Injeolmi Latte
  • Jungkook – Esproberry Latte

My favorite moments in this episode include JK’s expression over the bitter taste of espresso (this sweet tooth would rather drink banana milk!), Suga looking so confident and natural when he made his first espresso as well as his café lemoni, JK messing up with the tamping part because he was too strong, V looking like the owner of the café and trying out coffee even if he doesn’t drink coffee, Suga and RM’s disaster heart attempts on their coffee, and everyone’s fascination when the teacher showed them how to make a heart was just too adorable!


3. Run BTS Episode 46: BTS Workshop

The BTS Workshop episode aired on March 27, 2018. Each member learned pottery from Ha Taehoon who had been doing pottery for 23 years. The members learned the basics with so much enthusiasm, even dancing and making sound effects to the rhythm of patting the clay! The pieces they made were meant to be given as a gift to a member whom they randomly picked. RM made cereal bowls for J-Hope, Jin made a big plate for JK, Suga made a Kangwado cup (as he called it) for Jimin, J-Hope made a huge cup and plate for Jin, Jimin made a wine cup for V, while V was all about the volume because he made hilarious pieces that cracked up the members. He not only made one for Suga, but also for every member (how thoughtful!). Lastly, JK made a beautiful teapot and teacup for RM, though the two pieces that caught the teacher’s eyes were Jimin and RM’s pieces.

This is another episode where it’s hard to pick the most memorable moments because every moment was so adorably funny, but the funniest was the part when V accidentally dropped his pieces.

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4. Run BTS Episode 99: Florist

The Florist episode was aired on April 7, 2020. BTS learned about flowers and special flower arrangements through an expert florist who has been doing it for five years. The members learned their birth flowers and what they mean, then learned how to make boutonniere.

Birth Flowers:

  • RM – September 12, 1994 – Clematis meaning ‘inner beauty’
  • Jin – December 4, 1992 – Sooyong meaning ‘love’
  • Suga – March 9, 1993 – Larch meaning ‘dead leaves’ (coincidentally, Suga wrote and produced a song called ‘Dead Leaves’ aka ‘Autumn Leaves’ which is one of my ultimate favorites!)
  • J-Hope – February 18, 1994 – Buttercup meaning ‘innocent soul’
  • Jimin – October 13, 1995 – Bridal Wreath meaning ‘neat love’
  • V – December 30, 1995 – Winter Sweet meaning ‘affection’
  • Jungkook – September 1, 1997 – Tiger Lily meaning ‘please love me’

After learning about flowers, their birth flowers, and how to make a boutonniere, the members were given flower arrangement assignments. RM and Jin made Corolla, Suga and V made Wreath, Hope and JK made bouquet, and Jimin made a glass bowl, which looks like his bubble bowl during his Serendipity concert stage performances. Their florist teacher expressed such kind comments to each member, so they all felt like winners in this episode. As for my pick for the best moment, it was Jin’s hilarious flower arrangement which made him look like an alien. He made the members and his teacher laugh a lot, and I couldn’t stop laughing as well.


5. Run BTS Episode 109: Dubbing

The Dubbing episode was aired on July 21, 2020. With the help of Voice Actor Ah Jihwan, the BTS members learned how to dub animation movies! I was so impressed by this episode that I wrote an article about it back then, so here’s the link: Run BTS: BTS Takes Entertainment to the Next Level on Episode 109

Moreover, they also dubbed their own Run BTS episode which was released separately as a Dubbing Director’s Cut on August 11, 2020.


6. Run BTS Episodes 129 and 130: Long-term Project Tennis

Episode 129 was aired on February 16, 2021, and Episode 130 was aired on February 23, 2021. This was their first ever long-term project, so I was hoping there’d be lots of episodes. However, there were only two. They did show how the members learned and practiced the basics through the help of coaches, Lim Gyntae and Kwon Soonwoo. Only J-Hope and Jin had experiences in playing tennis, so the rest were relatively new to playing the sport. In this episode, they turned their entertainment show into a sports show!

Out of all the unforgettable moments, I won’t forget them pressuring J-Hope and constantly teasing him because he used to play tennis. RM being a ‘home-run king’ for hitting the ball up to the sky, and V’s desire to look cool in playing the sport were also unforgettable. The members continued to practice even after this Run BTS episode, with the exception of Suga who had to go through shoulder surgery. On episode 130, the BTS members were divided into two teams for their own championship.


7. Run BTS Episodes 138 and 139: BTS Table Tennis Class

The Table Tennis Class episode was aired on April 27, 2021. The members were taught basics on how to play tennis by gold medalist, You Seung Min, a member of IOC, current chair of Korea Table Tennis Association, 4th place of Men’s Double at the 2002 Sydney Olympics, Winner of Doubles at the 2002 Busan Asian GAMES, and Gold Medalist of Singles at the 2004 Athens Olympics. J-Hope teasingly referred to him as the BTS of Table Tennis!

Another coach who helped BTS learn the sport was Park Jong Boem, a KTTA-certified 1st grade referee with 14 years of experience in elite trainings, and 5 years of experience in amateur trainings.

This episode was another hilarious one with lots and lots of unforgettable moments! I loved that moment when the members received professional rackets from You Seung Min. He and Park Jong Boem made the boys really lively and happy in these two hilarious Run BTS episodes. The two members who always cracked me up were Jungkook and V, as they were especially goofy and adorable in this episode. V kept on playing with the balls that fell on the floor and there was a part where JK was practicing behind Hobi and hitting his butt with a racket. Also, the members kept teasing whoever was doing the drill, even later on when they competed against each other on episode 139. The results were as follows:

  • V wins against JK
  • Jimin wins against RM
  • Hobi wins against Jin
  • V wins against Jimin
  • Hobi wins against RM who got a second chance to play when he had a stroke of luck by hitting a racket that stood by the edge of the table.
  • V wins against Hobi and competes with You Seung Min. To be fair, the gold medalist used a spatula because he knew there was no way that V would win against him. So of course, V won against him, making him the happiest man in this episode.

After the competition, there was a last match to identify who will clean up by picking all the balls on the floor. JK, the youngest BTS member vs Jin, the oldest BTS member played against each other and JK won. But since the BTS members have always been known for their kind personality, they didn’t let their ‘hyung’ (older brother) pick up all the balls by himself. They all helped out in cleaning up.