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Run BTS: BTS Takes Entertainment to the Next Level on Episode 109

What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.



Episode 109 of Run BTS aired on July 21, 2020 on VLive entitled “Dubbing.” Just when I thought the seven kings of K-Pop have pretty much covered most of the interesting themes they could for their Variety Show, they have taken entertainment to the next level. With a teacher’s guidance, BTS dubbed short clips from three famous animated films: Lion King, Toy Story, and Zootopia.

As always, our worldwide entertainers were enthusiastic upon finding out that they were going to learn dubbing from a professional, and V in all his gloriousness even started the show pretending he was the guest teacher. Prior to calling their guest, the seven members were curious about each other’s experience in dubbing, adorably thinking that Suga has done it when he narrated for Burn the Stage. They instantly realized that narrating is different from dubbing. RM also commented that he did a post recording with Jin, then Jimin proudly reminded the guys of his legendary audio act of Yong Pureun, which was hilariously referred to as an excellent performance that marked a new era of fantasy love story of the youth. I don’t have a good memory, but if I’m right about what I think they were referring to, they might’ve been talking about Jimin’s funny character impersonation in Bon Voyage 4 inside the camping truck, while Jungkook was driving. If this is not what they were referring to, then my bad. I have lots of moments when I just look at them in amazement and forget to read the subtitle.

So anyway, this is the first episode of Run BTS that I wanted to write about because considering the situation, I do have the time to write. Hopefully, I’ll be consistent in documenting our seven adorably wonderful BTS members’ awesome variety show.


1st Dubbing: Lion King

Jin, RM, Jimin, and JHope were the first group that were assigned to dub. The members volunteered Jin as Banzai when the teacher asked for someone who’s chatty and could speak fast. RM was picked as Ed, whose only role was to laugh. The members commented that he has a captivating laugh, so he fits the character. The teacher needed someone who could express the unisex vibe well, so Suga instantly volunteered Jimin to play Shenzi because he has the highest pitch. JHope got Scar’s part and upon seeing the script, he was shocked to see that he has so many lines. They all studied in utter amazement and even Jungkook, Suga, and RM were fascinated as they watched and listened to the first group.

The result of the Lion King dubbing was awesome! RM’s laugh fit the character perfectly, Jimin and Jin’s teamwork were something to be proud of, and JHope’s deep voice was perfect for a villain character. The teacher said that JHope’s last line was the best part, making an impact in the end. He also said that Jimin did very well, which Jungkook instantaneously agreed with, saying that he expressed many lines very well. Suga praised Jin’s efforts, too. If there’s something I love most about BTS, it’s their undying support for each other.

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2nd Dubbing: Toy Story

Buzz was played by V, Woody by Suga, and Jungkook played Rex, the dinosaur. I like that they were very honest in expressing their discomfort. Suga said that it’s so difficult to see the script and the screen at the same time and Jungkook agreed by commenting that he can’t do multi-tasking. Despite their inhibitions, they dubbed their respective characters like pros! The members couldn’t hide their expressions when Suga said his lines as Woody because it was hilarious that his voice perfectly matched the character. I got totally flustered at how Suga responded to the praises. He looked really shy about it and was humble to say that he didn’t know what he was doing. JHope’s reaction to JK showed that he was shocked and impressed at how he portrayed his role well. The teacher’s high praise was directed to Suga as he spoke of how amazing he was at lip syncing.

3rd Dubbing: Toy Story

For the second round of Toy Story dubbing, Jungkook instantly volunteered saying he wants to do Buzz. Jimin played Rex, and RM played Woody. Suga looked adorable as he smiled while watching RM play the role and JHope’s reaction to Jimin was priceless. The members expressed their fascination at Jungkook’s dubbing by commending him for memorizing his lines. They were very proud of their youngest. Jimin also commented that he was having so much fun and even if he didn’t say anything, his interest in dubbing was very obvious, given that he excelled in it.

4th Dubbing: Zootopia

Of the three animated films, this was the most difficult dubbing because of the overlapping lines. Jimin played Judy, Jin as Nick, JK as Flashy, and JHope volunteered as Priscilla because it only had one line. Their frustration at the slowness of Jungkook’s character as Flashy the sloth was adorable because it’s like they’ve been pulled into the animated world, and have adopted the emotions of the characters. The members must’ve felt like it took them forever to finish it, but once they did, the teacher commented that it was the best dubbing so far. Jungkook’s slow laugh was hilarious and JHope only had one line, but it was epic. The teacher said, “When it comes to films and in any fields, there’s a role that fits you perfectly and today, it was Priscilla.” I couldn’t be any prouder.

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