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Royals Consider Prince Harry Damaged Goods and Blame Meghan Markle

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Royals in perril

According to The Express Meghan Markle has ruined Prince Harry's life. This opinion, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Royal commentators say that the second son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is damaged goods because of all that has taken place since he married the commoner. Royal commentators are saying that Netflix owns the Sussexes and will get their money's worth from the couple. Allegedly the Royal family is disturbed and is saying that Meghan has ruined the Royal brand. It's true that Prince Harry and his wife are adults and can live where they want and choose their own ways of making money but: Harry is of Royal blood and as such there had been certain expectations placed upon him. it was probably assumed that the prince would marry a blue blood who understood and would adapt to the ways of the Windsors. Instead, he chose a commoner, an American divorcee, who was an actress and also biracial. People like Oprah Windfrey have been vocal in encouraging the Duke and Duchess to do it their way. These individuals are thinking like commoners and are not considering what Prince Harry has given up, and the fallout he left behind.

Unequally yoked

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were worlds apart literally and figuratively. Prince Phillip is alleged to have told his grandson that you "date" actresses, you don't marry them. It is not for Americans to judge the Royal way and criticize the Windsors for trying to keep Harry in the fold. What was expected to happen was that Meghan Markle would adapt to the ways of a princess, fall in line, and mind her royal Ps and Qs. Thus far Kate Middleton seems to be doing just fine because she understands her role as a future queen and is determined to fulfill her duties. Meghan being from America has nothing in common with her sister in law or any of the other Royals. She is not a blue blood and was probably very uncomfortable around them. There is also the issue of her being biracial. The Queen and her kin are probably not used to having a person of color in the immediate family. These are the little foxes as they say that spoil the vine. Add to this the hateful racist things the British tabloids were saying about Meghan and this situation had to end. While Americans are saying "Good show" to the couple and wishing them much success, the British are ashamed and see this as a Royal scandal. How dare Harry walk away from his legacy, his duties as a senior member of the family, and go to Hollywood? Instead of Meghan coming up to the standards of a princess, she is seen as pulling the Prince down to her lower level.


Now we have the Royal commentators carrying on as if the Duke and Dutchess have sold their souls to the devil. Prince Harry working to earn his own money is the American way, but his family is probably embarrassed that he is living like a commoner. At this point there are two documentaries that the Sussexes are supposed to produce for Netflix and the problem comes in regarding Princess Diana. On the 20th anniversary of her death, both Prince William and his brother did a documentary. They said it would be the last because there is nothing more to tell. Dan Wooten, a Royal commentator says that Netflix is not paying the Royal couple 250 million dollars for nothing. He believes that at some point the media giant will desire Harry and Meghan to do a documentary on Princess Diana. Wooten says this would only increase the rift between William and Harry and added that it would put the Duke of Sussex in danger. Although this was not mentioned in the article, it's possible Netflix could ask for an expose on the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, or William and Kate. This could be the root of all the fuss, because no one knows what secrets might come out. Time will tell just how Harry and Meghan earn their keep and in the meantime, people will remain divided on whether or not they should be applauded for leaving the Queen's rule, or given 50 lashes for walking away.

Prince Phillip

Now that Prince Phillip's funeral is over, Harry has gone back to the USA to be by the side of his pregnant wife. William is moving forward with duties that will one day lead him to the throne. The brothers are on different paths but Harry broke free from "the Firm'. Even if they truly could men their rift, Meghan will always be seen as the woman who destroyed the bond between Diana's children. The fact that she is biracial will always be a sore spot for many around the world who are intolerant of those different than themselves. It would be nice if peace could be brokered and somehow Prince Phillip's death can bring true healing but it's not likely.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 16, 2020:


I imagine it was difficult for him to walk away, but I understand that he wanted a different life for his family.

I personally think it takes alot of guts to accomplish this but at the same time I wish he could have found a way to keep his heritage & family happy.

Family should always be a part of one's life unless their is abuse that one needs to get away from.

It is easy for us Americans to say he should live his own life because this is what we do.

Royalty I am sure has it's disadvantages, but we cannot help what family we were born into.

I am certain is mother's death had alot to do with his decision to leave. Who wants to be chased all the time.

Netflix won't own him either...I believe he has a good head on his shoulders.

Thanks for the read.

Nell Rose from England on October 14, 2020:

I think Harry wanted out, and that's why he got with her. Meghan on the other hand used him to become more famous and had no intention of being a Royal. Seems it has backfired for both of them. I think we Brits are sick of the sight of both of them whining.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on October 14, 2020:

The death of Princess Diana was such a horrible scandal and who knows what affecr it had on Prince Harry. This is an interesting article. I figure it is their life and they can do what they want to do.

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