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Rodrigo D No Futuro (No Future) Complete Movie Online and Critic Review - with english subtitles on the scenes

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Colombian cult movie from the 80`s portraying the reality of teenager`s lives in the slums of Medellin.

Colombian cult movie from the 80`s portraying the reality of teenager`s lives in the slums of Medellin.

Rodrigo D is one of the most original films that I have ever watched. It is about the reality teenagers living in the slums or “barrios” of Medellin had to go through during the 80`s and early 90’s. It was a time of struggle between society and the drug cartels.

Want to get deep into the skin of the drugwar in Colombia?

Before You Watch

Published here are different scenes from the 80´s movie found on Youtube. The resolution quality is so-so, but watchable. This is one of the top ten cult movies from Colombia and South America; you can compare it with City of God from Brazil. Is you are a film addict that scouts the web for those mysterious great films from remote places that are really hard to get you will love this movie.

What makes this film really special is the fact that the actors, the places and the drama where all completely real at the time of filming. The actors are natural habitants of the slums with no professional training in acting so they just act themselves, something no other actor could ever do authentically. 5 of the actors actually die in similar circumstances shown in the movie before the movie is even screened on theaters. Watching Rodrigo D is like looking through a window directly into the past of the dark side of Medellin.

The scenes seem to be very random and the Spanish slang makes it very difficult to understand, even the subtitles are hard to follow. So between the scenes I have included short descriptions of the most important scenes, the interpretation of the most important dialogues and imagery and some historical background about the Medellin in the 80`s that isn`t discussed in the film, but it sure helps to understand the social conflict portrayed.

So what was the life of these teenagers like?

No education, trying to make easy and fast money from which ever means, usually illegal. Spending it all, having fun; running and from the cops who want to beat, disappear or kill them. What future could you expect from a society that doesn`t understand where things went wrong with its future generation.

Rodrigo is different from the other boys around him. He wants to be somebody, a rock n roll punk star playing his drums just like the Sex Pistols, band he listens to all day regardless of not knowing any english. But his friends just want to steal, fight and kill to proof their toughness and survive another day. Rodrigo is not into any of this, neither does he care for the love of his own father and brother who follow a hard working life as honest butchers. Rodrigo wants his own life, but is lost in a dream he cannot grasp.

Rodrigo D No Futuro Scene #1

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Lost is yourself, me and everybody else

Ramon (small time dealer) - “Look at that motorcycle so easy for stealing. Too bad we don`t have a gun to take it.”

Rodrigo - “Lost is yourself, me and everybody else.” –

Quote from the first scenes after a young man talks Rodrigo about stealing a motorcycle right in front of them. They cannot steal it for not having a gun. Rodrigo responds quietly that they are all lost, meaning there`s no future for everyone living in the slums, just misery and marginalization.

The slums of Medellin are located on the high sides of the small valley where the city is found. The industrial area is down on the flat and the middle class and upper class neighborhoods are more to the south and the area in between the flat and the slums, very much like Rio de Janeiro. The slums were created by displaced peasants from the country side that escaped the internal conflict affecting Colombia since the 1950’s. With only a few belongings, they settled on the high slopes surrounding the city and made their house from whatever materials they could find. After years of chaotic growth, the slumps resemble a labyrinth of intertwining steep roads and numerous cement stairs that zig-zag all around it.

Rodrigo D No Futuro Scene #2

Pablo Escobar

Drug Lord Pablo Escobar

Drug Lord Pablo Escobar

You shot a pig?

The authority during the late 80’s in Medellin was overwhelmed and intimidated by tuff-up gangsters under the wing of strong drug dealers like Pablo Escobar. From their point of view it was OK to take from the middle and upper classes that never ever did anything for them. Putting their life on the line just to steal a bike didn`t mean nothing for a generation that wasn`t hoping to get pass 20.

The last scene of this chapter might be a little confusing to understand due to strong slang use. The crime partner of the motorcycle thief, Jhon (or little John) was attacked along with another friend by a rival member from another slum. He survives with several bruises after falling from the bike and a gun shootout with the cops. His partner then says:

“You shot a pig? And you`re standing here laughing like nothing?”

What he is implying is that cops are very vengeful when one of them is killed, and they are sure to search the slumps shooting in cold blood whoever they believe was involved. In the next section he instructs his partner to hide for several days while things cool off.


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