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Rock Single Review: "Undercurrents" by ELYXIR and Neilio

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ELYXIR & Neilio’s Undercurrents is a song about looking back in joy and sorrow on a relationship that never could have been. A warm guitar strums into the song along with ELYXIR’s strong, emotive voice as it carries the expressive lyrics. Electric guitar swirls out in a shining line to cut through the strumming acoustic guitar while strings add a lush feeling. Over it all, ELYXIR’s voice is powerful and full of emotional energy as the delicately dancing strings move.

Solid, pulsing percussion adds more weight as the bass supports the other musical elements and the electric guitar leaps through with a gruff edge. ELYXIR’s vocals express the mixture of emotion in the lyrics with strength while the drums are deep with dynamic energy. The acoustic guitar adds an organic feeling as electric guitar complements the soaring vocals. Neilio’s guitar solo is a leaping, intricate affair that unwinds through the song as the vocals showcase ELYXIR’s wide range and ability to dig deep.

The storyteller points out that one can’t erase the past and that life has to be about celebrating “the changing seasons of our lives.” She talks about how at times they’re so close that “our hands could almost touch” and at other times, they don’t speak for months. Our narrator adds that there’s always “a look…a thought and the loss of a kiss that we never caught.”

In the chorus, the storyteller says that even though they never “sailed out in that ocean” she is still influenced by the “undercurrents” that started it. As time has passed, they’re now safe to “embrace what we have and accept what is gone.” However the feelings from their youth still sweep her along in that undercurrent.

By and large, our narrator isn’t bitter as she says she’s happy to see “the houses that we turned into homes” and is glad that they’ve both found “perfect places” and have their own families. She adds that they have learned that “the burn” only stays in the back of their minds and is a “phase to ponder the journey we left behind.”

In spite of it all, they are sometimes pulled down by the tides. The narrator hopes that “as I reach for you to lift me out, I hope in these moments I don’t drown.”

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