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Rock Single Review: "Anthem X" by John Denton

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John Denton’s Anthem X is a confident song from a talented young artist. The song opens with a flourish of drums, ferocious bass and a sharp-edged attack from the backing guitar. John Denton’s lead guitar leaps out and cries with passion as his clear vocals come in, delivering thoughtful lyrics. His voice carries the feeling in the vocals as the drums batter and drive the music on and the bass line swells with power.

Now the chorus flies in with a warmer, richer feeling and the young artist shreds on his guitar over the dynamic energy bursting from the explosive drums and bass. The sharp clarity of John Denton’s voice carries the chorus before his guitar cascades and whirls in a quick soloistic burst. The chorus comes in again, filling the words with deep expression, before the lead guitar soars out in an uplifting, intricate line before ending on guitar distortion and bass depth.

The song’s narrator talks about how he “went down a long, long time ago” and even after he’d “lost the feeling” he was still there “at the show.” He talks about years passing as “nothing goes” as he adds that he’s still alright.

There’s a sense of deep depression as the narrator talks about the “weeks and weeks” since the sun set for him as adds that he doesn’t “know why but my life’s spinning ‘round.” In the midst of his struggle, he says he “just want(s) to hear some sound” while repeating “but I’m alright.”

Our narrator speaks his mind and doesn’t apologize for it. He points out that he doesn’t “care half the time” and adds that it’s just his life “but I don’t mind.” In the narrator’s life “people come and go, a thousand times.” He adds that he hears people saying “hello and goodbye” in his mind all the time.

Life has unfolded in “tears and smiles” as the narrator has been “past a thousand miles.” He continues by saying that he’s “lived all my nine lives but I'm alright.” At the end, even though he lost his head, he doesn’t “care what they said.” The narrator finds himself “tired, lying in my bed” after it all but he concludes “I’m alright.”

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