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A Look at the Lives & Careers of Japanese Fashion Models Risa Yoshiki & Sayuki Matsumoto

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Risa Yoshiki in the March 2017 Issue of Wanibooks


Who Is Risa Yoshiki?

Risa Yoshiki is a Japanese gravure idol and singer. She has been making the news recently because of her pregnancy but Risa is a fashion model that was born in July 1987 in the part of Chiba Prefecture known as Funabashi. Can you guess which other famous Japanese celebrity was born in this part of Japan? It is of course former member of Morning Musume Sayaka Ichii that was born in Funabashi as well so that’s an interesting fun fact.

Risa Yoshiki's Early Life & Career Through 2009

When she was growing up, she wanted to be a manga artist but life would take her in a different path. She was scouted in Harajuku by the Fitone talent agency. Risa decided to become an enka singer and trained for 2 years. Even though Risa released a DVD of images called Koi in November 2004, her parents were not supportive of her having a career as a fashion model. Stating in 2009, she became a regular member on a TV variety program called Campus Night Fuji. She is a graduate of the Asia University of Japan.

A Brief Look at Risa Yoshiki's Singing Work

She made her debut as a singer with a cover version of the song called Yozakura Oshichi which was originally sung by Fuyumi Sakamoto. Risa then went on to perform with the members of Campus Night Fuji in a group called Campus Nighters. Risa released a single called Destin Histoire in March 2011 under the name of Yoshiki Lisa.


Why Has Risa Yoshiki Been So Successful As a Fashion Model?

Risa Yoshiki was chosen by a TV variety program as the woman with the most beautiful face in an encyclopedia of Japanese celebrities. This happened back in 2010. Risa has received even more praise in recent years. Idol commentator Hideo Horikoshi believes that Risa’s success is due to her having a sort of natural beauty that is not normally not found in fashion models. He also cites that Risa’s success is due to her having the willingness to pose for pictures such as crotch shots, cosplay, and bondage poses.

Risa Yoshiki's Personal Life

A few days ago, June 4th 2019, Yoshiki announced that she is pregnant with her first child. She is said to be in her stable period and she is due to give birth sometime in fall 2019. She and her husband, actor Masato Wada are looking forward to their new life as a couple. Yoshiki said that she is amazed at how fast the baby is growing and asked that her fans watch over her closely.


Who is Sayuki Matsumoto?

Sayuki Matsumoto is a Japanese supermodel and actress. Here is another supermodel that has large breasts but that doesn’t bother me as I still think she is really cute. And just like Aki Hoshino, Yoko Matsugane, and even Ai Shinozaki, Sayuki is a gravure idol. Gravure idols are a big part of the entertainment industry. And I’m sure that many men are happy she decided to be a part of that scene.

Sayuki Matsumoto profile & interesting facts

  • Birth date: December 9, 1985
  • Place of birth: Yokkaichi, Mie Japan
  • Height: 172 centimeters or 5’7
  • Blood type is AB
  • She has acted or made an appearance in a few movies so far. They are:
  • Chocolate Derringer (2009)
  • Lala Pipo: A lot of people (2009)
  • Handsome Suit (2008) (This movie also stars Nozomi Sasaki)..
  • Paco and the Magical Picture Book (2008)
  • She is also a former race queen
  • Her nickname is Sayu.

Final Thoughts About Sayuki Matsumoto

She has also made an un-credited appearance in the movie Enter the Void in 2009. In 2010, she starred in the TV series called Daimajin Kanon.

Many men are fascinated by this young lady. From what I understand, she seems to be quite popular and I can see why. She has got that nice, cute look on her face which makes her a fan favorite.

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