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Rika Ishikawa Pop Music Singer, Actress, & Fashion Model Best Known for Being a Member of Morning Musume

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Why Is Rika Ishikawa Famous?

Japan has had a huge influence on popular culture around the world with its numerous singers and actresses. One such person is Rika Ishikawa, former member of the very popular female music group Morning Musume. Known by the nickname of Charmy and standing only at five feet and one inch tall, Ishikawa got famous for being part of the fourth generation of Morning Musume singers. Of all the 4th generation members of super group Morning Musume, Ishikawa is my favorite member of this one. Ishikawa entered the world on January 19, 1985. I’ve been covering the life and career of Ishikawa for years, dating back to at least 2011 or so. Rika Ishikawa is a pop music singer, actress, and fashion model that has released a dozen photo books to date.

A First Look at the Beautiful Rika Ishikawa


Rika Ishikawa's Acting Work

A native of Kanagawa Prefecture, Ishikawa has also been involved in acting. Her movie debut came in 2000 in Pinch Runner. In 2003, she had a role in Seventeen followed by Yo-Yo Girl Cop in 2006 and Selfish Planet in 2010. Her most recent work is Atsuhime Number 1.

Rika Ishikawa's Career With Morning Musume & Other Groups Including the Duo Hangry & Angry (2000-2008)

In April 2000 at the young age of 15, Ishikawa joined Morning Musume and stayed with the group until her graduation in 2005. In this period of five years, Ishikawa also became involved in two sub groups. One such group Tanpopo featured her as one of their members from 2000 until 2002. In 2003, Ishikawa became a part of the sub group Morning Musume Otome Gumi where she stayed until 2004. During the second half of 2004, Ishikawa formed EcoMoni with Sayumi Michishige in order to advocate for ecological causes. In October 2008, she formed another group with Hitomi Yoshizawa called Hangry & Angry. Their intention was to promote a clothing store that had the same name. The group made their United States concert appearance in April 2009 in Seattle, Washington. Ishikawa performed under the stage name of Angry while Yoshizawa was performing under the name of Hangry.

The first single that Ishikawa participated in became known as Happy Summer Wedding.

Rika Ishikawa From Her First Photo Book Ishikawa Rika & Hana Bi (2004)


Rika Ishikawa's Photo Book Releases & Hobbies

As of this first writing, Ishikawa has appeared in 8 photo books, her most recent one at that time being Kazahana. She has since released 4 others including Karen and Twenty Four. Her most recent DVD release in 2010 is called RIKA. She has an official blog. Ishikawa became a member of the group Dream Morning Musume until 2012 and became involved as a member during the group’s debut album release. The album’s name is called “Dreams 1.” In January 2012, Ishikawa released a photo book called Hanagocoro. When Ishikawa spends time away from singing, she enjoys shopping, tennis, nail art, and earrings. She likes the colors pink, white, and black.


The Song "Top Secret" From the Duo Hangry & Angry

Other Interesting Facts About Rika ishikawa

  • She had a mentor when she started her career. Morning Musume is signed to Hello! Project, a huge Japanese record label. Ishikawa’s mentor was Kei Yasuda.
  • She follows the Hanshin Tigers baseball team.
  • She used to have a fear of birds but apparently, hypnotherapy has helped her get rid of that fear.
  • Has a very noticeable chin as this is one of her most obvious physical features.
  • As a child, Rika Ishikawa used to have the nickname of Chimu because she used to be chubby.
  • Her baseball knowledge is really good because of her father. Her father is a huge baseball fan.
  • Rika Ishikawa says that she is scared of getting an injection. She says that she has blood vessels that are small and hard to find.
  • Her stated reason for departing from Hello! Project was to become a gravure or bikini model.

Why Was the Year 2013 a Special Year For Rika Ishikawa?

Former Morning Musume vocalist Rika Ishikawa now had another reason to smile in the year of 2013 which turned out to be a very special year for Ishikawa. She has finally met and had a chance to talk with current AKB48 member Yuki Kashiwagi. Ishikawa and Kashiwagi had previously seen each other at many music programs they had never had a chance to meet and talk. Ishikawa said that Kashiwagi had mentioned her name several times and that she (Ishikawa) always had wanted to get a chance to work with her. It is not only Ishikawa that had wanted to meet Kashiwagi. The feeling was mutual and that they both wanted to meet and talk. And now that dream is a reality. Kashiwagi herself said that she adored Ishikawa since she was in the third grade and that a dream that she has had for 10 years is now a reality.

"Morning Coffee" Rika Ishikawa Solo Version

Agency Transfer, Marriage, and Childbirth for Rika Ishikawa

Ishikawa would be transferred to a different agency at the end of 2013 called J.P. Room. Ishikawa had also revealed her plans about marriage and child rearing as far back as 2012 so in 2014, it was revealed that she was dating professional baseball pitcher Ryoma Nogami of the team the Saitama Seibu Lions. They would get married on March 13, 2017. And on April 25, 2018, Ishikawa gave birth to a son.

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