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Rick and Morty The Complete Seasons 1-5 Blu-Ray Says It All


Yes It’s Rick and Morty

Few can argue that Rick and Morty burst onto the scene in a dramatic and utterly unexpected manner. The “adventures” of an alcoholic doddering old man, who just happens to be the smartest man in all the multi-universes, combined with that of his grandson — the aged wise man with no wisdom or constraints matched with a (at least at the beginning) naive youngster offers a lot of opportunities for entertainment. That is to say entertainment that is so far off the grid as to be not describable here. But we’ll try of course. And it didn’t hurt that the long extended “couch gag” on the Simpsons where they first appeared brought them into a larger crowd of knowing that otherwise might not have happened or could have taken a lot longer.

So ignore the fact that there was years between season 1 and season 5 and that each season brought new attitudes and story lines and character growth which some might argue wasn’t wanted, in some cases, and in others just seemed to grow Rick’s hubris and G-d thinking father and farther. So what do you have when you combine all of the first 5 seasons of Rick and Morty? You get a Blu-Ray box set of the complete 5 seasons in one easy to access package.

And the reason we say the “first” 5 seasons is because a deal was made between the creators and Adult Swim (who present the seasons) to make additional seasons and to do them right away — so while there’ll be time spent between seasons as there has been (with some folks bemoaning this and makers of licensed goods especially since out of season means out of mind to the public), there shouldn’t be years between seasons as was the case before. So yes it’s Rick and Morty The Complete Seasons 1 - 5.


Here’s Season 1

But now for those who didn’t request it, here’s the cast of regular characters: Rick, mentioned with the G-d complex before, Morty his grandson and about 14 and not stupid but not so bright either, Beth the mom who is smarter than she acts, Jerry the husband who is dumber than he acts, or maybe just as dumb as he seems and Summer who is the overly smart teenage girl who’s not given enough screen time until father along the seasons.

So instead of trying to recap each season, let’s just note an interesting episode or two:

Season 1 — introduction to Rick, et all, duh. Anatomy Park, like all episodes is either a pun off of something in pop culture like a movie to such, but also can be based off of Rick’s name. But Meereen’s and Destroy does neither but this character who pops out of a box to grant any wish it can make happen is the first season keeper.

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Here’s Season 2 - 5

Season 2 Get Scwiffy does the downbeat dance/performance scene, but the Wedding Squanchers really brings the meta-universe house down.

Season 3 — Rickmancing the Stone, like we said about the names, you get a “fake” clip show with Morty’s Mindblowers and Beth’s true nature gets revealed in the ABCs of Beth.

Season 4 — Rattlestar Ricklactica is about snakes and time traveling and more snakes and snake robots and time cops showing up. But the Beth Clone and all that happens is a great way to to exist the season

Season 5 — Dining plays a part but mostly Mr. Nimbus and his water powers take the front and center plus Morty who has been getting steadily darker gets to rampage a bit. Then there’s the Voltron take off to top it all off.


Here’s The Blu-Ray Quality

There’s nothing to complain about when it comes to visual quality — it’s animation after all so don’t expect any characters to age really between seasons (the Simpsons have been holding onto that for years and last we look Fred Flintstone still seems to be in his mid-30s). Blu-ray means high-definition and that’s 1080p and nothing to complain about whatsoever no matter how big the TV now is. Audio is DTS-HD, Dolby Digital, Dolby TruHD — it depends on the season but in general what it means is that you hear dialogue well, stereo effects are as good as your speakers will allow and overall no complaints. Mostly it’s about dialogue because talking is important here and character’s voices are distinct to where even when they shout over each other, you can still make them out without effort.

As could be imagined, there’s a digital code for accessing all of the seasons and so all of the episodes in a lower resolution on a mobile device. But besides the 51 episodes comprising the first 5 seasons, there’s extras/bonuses tossed in — this was found previously in the releases of the first 4 seasons. So you get commentaries and animatics and behind the scenes featurettes (a featurette is a shorter feature, like that explains anything), about directing episodes and deleted scenes, all kinds of good stuff for those who can’t get enough R&M. But no mini poster like in previous season box sets — too bad.

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