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Rick Grimes vs. Daryl Dixon – Who Would Win in a Fight to the Death?

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Who Would Win Rick or Daryl?

If it came down to a battle between these Rick and Daryl, who would win?

If it came down to a battle between these Rick and Daryl, who would win?

Walking Dead Keeps Me Entertained Season After Season

Every Sunday I clear my schedule to make sure I can watch The Walking Dead at 9 pm EST time. While I don’t usually watch shows about zombies, The Walking Dead gets my attention because it is about so much more than just zombies. Struggling with humanity, surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, and still trying to maintain an existence are just a few of the topics that this AMC drama covers.

Like many other Walking Dead fans, my two favorite characters are Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon. In fact, I have often wondered if these two zombie killers faced off with each other – who would win?

Who Would Win? Rick or Daryl

To actually predict who would win in a death battle between Rick and Daryl, you have to understand who these men are. Not just who they are now, in a zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic world, but who they were before zombies roamed the Earth.

Rick Grimes’ Character Traits

Before zombies took over, Rick was a sheriff deputy with the local department. He was married to Lori and had a young son, Carl. Rick and Lori had been married for many years, but right before the apocalypse occurred, the duo had significant marital problems. When Rick was shot in the line of duty, Lori is devastated.

When the zombie apocalypse began, Rick was actually in a coma in the local hospital. Unable to understand what was happening, but refusing to give up and die, a very fragile Rick fought his way out of the hospital and immediately began searching for Lori and Carl.

Eventually, Rick finds Lori and Carl and quickly becomes the leader of the group of survivors that his family has paired with. At this point in the series, Rick is calm, smart, strong, and has a strong moral code. In addition to those character traits, he also has impressive combat skills, and a strong need to not only protect his family but to protect the entire group of survivors he is working with.

After suffering unimaginable losses, Rick becomes mentally unstable for quite some time. However, with the guidance of Hershel, Rick finds a way to protect and lead his group while maintaining his humanity as well.

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Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead's Bad Boy

Daryl Dixon with his signature cross bow.

Daryl Dixon with his signature cross bow.

Daryl Dixon Character Traits

Daryl Dixon has many of the same similar character traits as Rick. However, personality wise, the characters are very different. Daryl was raised in a very dysfunctional, abusive home. Growing up with two alcoholic parents, the death of his mother at a young age, and an older brother constantly in and out of correctional facilities required Daryl to learn to depend on himself and no one else for as long as he can remember.

As a result of his independence, Daryl is an excellent tracker, hunter, and navigator. He is the only surviving member of his family and is known to be volatile and irrational at times. Despite his lone wolf attitude, Daryl has grown very fond of members of the group including Carol and Beth. While many believe he is selfish, he has gone out of his way to help other members of the group including Beth and Sophia. One of the most lethal things about Daryl is his expertise with his Horton crossbow HD125. He is also pretty handy with firearms and knives as well.

Walking Dead Death Battle Video

Rick vs. Daryl Breakdown

We’ve seen Rick and Daryl go around before, so a fight between these two alpha males isn’t entirely far-fetched. When trying to determine who would fare better in a fight between these two, we have to think about the one thing they both have in common – Merle.

In season 1, episode 3, we watched as Rick knocked Merle out – twice. As the little brother, one would have to believe Daryl took quite a few lickings from Merle in his days as well. Growing up in an abusive home, we would also have to imagine that Daryl can take one heck of a beating and keep going. While Rick may be the more skilled of the two in hand to hand combat, Daryl surely would be the winner, if the two were deep in the woods.

Why is Rick so angry all the time?

Why is Rick so angry all the time?

Weapons Involved – Daryl Wins

With all of the above information considered, I predict Daryl would be victorious over Rick if weapons were involved. The odds would be even more greatly in Daryl’s favor if the fight between he and Rick took place deep in the woods.

Hand to Hand Combat – Rick Wins

If a battle between the two only included hand to hand combat Rick wins – no questions about it. Rick is resilient, has stealthy combat skills, and is a father, which provides him with a greater will to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

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