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Review: "Dusk and Her Embrace" by Symphonic Black Metal Band Cradle of Filth

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Dusk and Her Embrace is an Interesting Kind of Album

Those of you that have followed the career of British symphonic black metal band Cradle of Filth surely know of their second studio album Dusk and Her Embrace. In 2021 it will be 25 years since this was released through the label Music for Nations. The album’s title was shortened because it actually is called Dusk and Her Embrace: Litanies of Damnation, Death and the Darkly Erotic. The Music for Nations label released the re-recorded version of this album which is a more modern version of this second album. Dusk and Her Embrace which was released in August 1996 may represent a period of time for some of us in which life was simpler and we didn’t have as much to think about. Due to the fact that the track listing on this album differs from the 2016 remake of the album, focus will be made to concentrate on analyzing mostly those tracks.

Track Listing for "Dusk and Her Embrace"

  1. "Humana Inspired to Nightmare"
  2. "Heaven Torn Asunder"
  3. "Funeral in Carpathia"
  4. "A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for the Devil’s Whore)"
  5. "Malice Through the Looking Glass"
  6. "Dusk and Her Embrace"
  7. "The Graveyard By Moonlight"
  8. "Beauty Slept in Sodom"
  9. "Haunted Shores"

The album cover for Dusk and Her Embrace


Length: 53:12

Band Personnel for this 1996 release is as follows:

Daniel Lloyd Davey also known as Dani: vocals

Damien Gregory: keyboards

Stuart Anstis: guitars

Robin Graves also known as Robin Eaglestone: bass guitars

Nicholas Barker: drums

Funeral in Carpathia is One of the Most Melodic Songs in the History of Cradle of Filth

"Funeral in Carpathia" is one of the strongest songs in the album that starts with the thundering drums that you will hear certain bands play. There is a very melodic part in the 2.5 minute mark that you will want to hear again and again. There is a definite female vocal presence in the album as she chants “never leave me.” The song also has an Iron Maiden influence in certain parts. How did I get to the point where I was listening to black metal from England? I was just exposed to it many years ago in the early 2000’s. The biggest drawback to albums from this band is the cat like screeching vocals by Daniel Davey that are impossible to figure out.

Note it is now 2021 and albums like Dusk and Her Embrace are a welcome addition to your listening experience on rainy, overcast days because of the dark nature of the album.

"Funeral in Carpathia"

The lyrics of this band are dark in nature referring to ghosts and other evil spirits. However, they differ from Dimmu Borgir because their lyrics are not about Satanism or hell. "Malice Through the Looking Glass" shows more of the band’s melody and this is certainly something that should be praised.

The song is about someone who feels that they are possessed by an evil specter and they are feeling restless.

Final thoughts on the album Dusk and Her Embrace

Overall, Dusk and Her Embrace is a good album and fans just getting into this band can try to listen to this album first. However, Cradle of Filth would get better with their next two albums Cruelty and the Beast and Midian. The best songs in this second album are Funeral in Carpathia, Malice Through the Looking Glass, Dusk and Her Embrace, and Beauty Slept in Sodom. There are a few songs on this album that are not on the 2016 remake. You can look at Dusk and Her Embrace as a sort of stepping stone for even better music by Cradle of Filth. They do have symphonic instrumental songs which give our eardrums a break from the incessant screeching vocals by Dani.

"Humana Inspired to Nightmare” is one of the songs that is not on the Original Sin album and this one is of a symphonic nature which helps the band make a good transition into the rest of the album.

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