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Review of the Album "Theater of Salvation" by German Power Metal Band "Edguy"

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Introduction to Theater of Salvation

German power metal band Edguy is one of the elite German bands that may be unnoticed by some heavy metal fans. Their 1999 album called Theater of Salvation is an album that should appeal to those fans who like Andi Deris and Helloween. Theater of Salvation is one of those albums that I got into after hearing the song called Babylon. The album’s title is very interesting because it may offer some music fans some kind of salvation if they are having hard times because music can be a useful coping mechanism.

The Back of the Cover for the Album Theater of Salvation

The back of the cover for Theater of Salvation has an angel on it who is depicted as coming to save the world from the forces of evil.

The back of the cover for Theater of Salvation has an angel on it who is depicted as coming to save the world from the forces of evil.

About the Inspirational Song Babylon

The song is about someone who is determined to return home to where he belongs in spite of the hate pollution as he calls it has taken over the world. The song offers a very valuable piece of advice that all of us can use in our lives and that is that life is too short to get burned. We must stand upright and face our challenges and our fears. In the song is a great chant by vocalist Tobias Sammett who says “ooohhh!”


Theater of Salvation Is a Good Album But Mandrake Is Better

"Land of the Miracle" is a 6.5 minute long ballad that is about using the power of love to fly to this land where miracles can be seen and delivered. The next song called Wake Up the King is a song that I also heard Edguy play LIVE in Los Angeles back in 2004. The song is about someone who is fighting a battle in their head and they have to find out what they are fighting for. They are given the suggestion to call on the powers of the king of the kingdom and allow that to be what propels them to happiness and joy.

Theater of Salvation Songs 6-12

The next very good song in this album is the catchy song called "Falling Down" and it has great dual vocals as the members sing “you don’t have to wait, I’ll be too late.” In the song "Holy Shadows" we see another example of these sort of combined vocals when we hear the words “holy shadows, always follow.” There is another ballad song on this album called "Another Time." The song is about someone that is separated from his lover and he sees her in dreams. He remembers her smile and he knows that he cannot take this for granted. The last song of the album which is the title track is long, clocking in at well over 12 minutes long. It begins with some operatic chanting style of vocals. When we set out goals to accomplish for our lives, sometimes doubt might creep in giving us fear and this fear stops us in our tracks. When a gate opens up for us, we must walk through that open gate without fear. After this open gate may be what we were looking to accomplish, sort of like the grand prize that awaits us. We also want to live life our way to the fullest before we die and enter Heaven. Heaven can wait for us can’t it?

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"Falling Down"

Final Thoughts About Theater of Salvation

Overall, Theater of Salvation is a good power metal album however it was not as good as their next album Mandrake which I happened to enjoy more on the first time reviewing this album. Is it different in 2018? There’s a strong case for me to make such an analysis. 1999 was a breakthrough year for quite a few bands and Edguy was one of those bands that picked up in the creativity and songwriting department. They went into the year 2000 peaking musically as they released a re-recorded version of their first studio album called The Savage Poetry which I would say is their finest early album.

"Holy Shadows"

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