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Review of the Album "the Savage Poetry" by German Power Metal Band "Edguy"

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"The Savage Poetry" Is a Better Album Than 1995's Savage Poetry

German power metal band Edguy has been bringing fans high quality power metal for two decades now. Their album "The Savage Poetry" is actually a re-mastered version of their debut album called Savage Poetry which was released in 1995. The only difference in terms of the title of this album and the original version is that the title for the re-mastered album has the word "the" in front of it. Why is this version better than the original version?

The Savage Poetry Front Album Cover

The album's cover depicts a scene that would have been during the Middle Ages or a little later. There is a crowd of people and some of them are busy trying to write poems or they are just standing and watching what is going on.

The album's cover depicts a scene that would have been during the Middle Ages or a little later. There is a crowd of people and some of them are busy trying to write poems or they are just standing and watching what is going on.

2 Major Reasons Why This Re-mastered Version Is Better Than Savage Poetry

However, the newer version has much better production, better vocals, and a different track listing. The Savage Poetry was re-released in 2000 and it is an album that I used to have but I will review it anyway to bring awareness to the melodic awesomeness of German heavy metal! The better production can be heard as the first song in this release Hallowed builds up into a power metal song. 5 years isn’t a very long time but by the re-release of the band’s first album Tobias Sammet’s vocals are more harmonic and more powerful compared to 1995 when the first studio album was released.

Why is Misguiding Your Life an Edguy Classic Song?

The first song called Hallowed has a clear Iron Maiden feel to it. Some people have lots of pride in themselves. The song’s message is that we must reject those people that try to push us into a war because of their hateful ideology. Then comes a song that I would classify as an early Edguy classic and this one is called Misguiding Your Life. The song is about finding out what to do in a world that has been taken over by corruption, insanity, and other vices. As we are enraged, the struggle to restore order becomes that much more challenging. The song is trying to say that we should not live lives that are misguided life that lacks direction. We know what direction that Edguy went when they started to play music.

"Power and Majesty"

Why Is the song Key To My Fate Important?

Another great song called Key to My Fate follows. The song questions the point and the existence of life on this planet of ours. There is a search to the key to our fate.

"Misguiding Your Life"

Key To My Fate and Sands of Time are More Than Just Good Songs

The song also asks why humans have to suffer so much as long as they are alive. These are great philosophical questions that Edguy asks and this should make music fans think about the larger context beyond the riffs of the song. Every one of us has a fate and we do not know when we will die so we have to live our life to the fullest. These same sort of questions are addressed in the ballad called Sands of Time. As the seasons come and go, we still have a passion for life. But sometimes we wonder if time is our friend or our enemy. We can die at any time, even in the evening. As a human being approaches his death, there may be questions running through his brain. When he dies, what he said to others will be forgotten as his soul will separate from his body.

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"Key To My Fate"

How Is the Rest of the Album The Savage Poetry?

The very good power metal song called Sacred Hell has great contributing vocals. The song also a great classically influenced interlude. Edguy’s melodies are superb! The Savage Poetry is a step up from their 1999 album Theater of Salvation. The melodic song Eyes of the Tyrant is a song about a tyrant that comes to terrorize his citizens even at night. The melody in this song is far superior to bands such as Kamelot. The chorus is also superb thus adding to the greatness of this song. The song Frozen Candle is a song about what happened as the person in the relationship was lied to and betrayed. He feels like he is burning like a frozen candle. As there are the chant style vocals of “burning like a frozen candle,” we hear the Blind Guardian influence. Blind Guardian would have sections like this in their songs from 1990 through 1992 as their influence was rising and they established themselves as one of the best German metal bands. Power and Majesty (the re-mastered version) has a clearer melody and it is easier to hear the power in this version. The lyrics are fantasy based similar to bands such as Rhapsody of Fire. A sacred king in a sacred kingdom teaches his men how to fly and rise in the night. The Savage Poetry is one of Edguy’s best albums but it is not quite as good as 2001’s Mandrake.

Final Thoughts About "The Savage Poetry"

Or is it even better than Mandrake? As of this moment, I have to conclude that yes, The Savage Poetry is better than Mandrake but Mandrake is good as well. With this debut and even the re-mastered version, Edguy got their career off to an excellent start just like their countrymen Blind Guardian did in 1987. The Savage Poetry is incredibly mature in comparison to what the band recorded just a mere five years earlier. One user on the website Metal Archives Sebastian Kluth describes The Savage Poetry saying that “this album is incredibly mature in comparison to the comedy entertainment the same band would later do.”[1] I would agree with the mature part but comedy entertainment? There is nothing comical about Edguy’s music and it is just that perhaps the releases after about 2008 or so would not be as power metal driven as this album is. Kluth is right though when he says that the song Sacred Hell is majestic. Key to My Fate could be a fan favorite due to how catchy it is.


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