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Review of the Album "Face the Heat" by German Rock Band "Scorpions"

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Face the Heat Is a Good Yet Underrated Hard Rock Album

Scorpions, the famous German hard rock band that is famous for such songs as Rock You Like a Hurricane was even relevant and still solid in 1993. Their album "Face the Heat" is another solid album in their history. I got into this album when I heard the ballad called Lonely Nights. Lonely Nights is an awesome ballad about someone longing for his lost love. Since she has died, his life and the world is never the same. When we lose someone we love so dearly, it can be very devastating. There is also an excellent cover version of Elvis Presley’s hit song called Marie’s the Name (His Latest Flame).

A Photo of the CD Face the Heat


Analysis of the Song "Someone to Touch"

However, the song "Someone to Touch" is a catchy love song that I also got into. The song is about a man that wants someone to touch, someone to be with for the night. He thinks that this woman is the one that he should be with. He gives her two reasons to spend the night with him away from her boyfriend. The first reason is for the money and the second reason is for the show. This kind of maneuver is very risky but the song is great!

The Song Called "Someone to Touch"

Face the Heat" Review Continued

Then comes the ballad called Under the Same Sun. When tragedy occurs, we need to remember that we inhabit the planet with the same sun and same moon. However, it seems that humans cannot get along with one another. Why can we not stop humans from fighting with each other? Scorpions is another band that has lyrics that really make us think about the issues that we face in the world. We need more love in this world for sure! The song Unholy Alliance is about learning from our troubles of the past. It is one of the weaker songs in the album but many albums have weak songs in them. The song Woman has some of Klaus Meine’s best vocals. A woman can change a man’s world when he is struck by fear. Or can she? If it is a woman with a very strong character that really loves us for who we are then she can change our lives for the better. He hears voices and sees shadows coming through the walls. The song is a slow, suspenseful one that can keep listeners wondering what will happen next. Sometimes we have an identity crisis and we want to find out who we really are. Then comes the hard rock song called Hate to be Nice and it is about not finding a certain woman attractive at all even if she pursues us. Some women are not worth the time and effort for a relationship. Many of us realize that point. The opening song called Alien Nation is about the violence that has engulfed human nature since the incident in the Garden of Eden. The song has an early Judas Priest influence in it however Scorpions was formed in 1964 so they would be influencing Judas Priest because Judas Priest was not formed until 1970.

"Lonely Nights"

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"Face the Heat" Final Thoughts

The song called No Pain No Gain is about how life should be lived to the fullest. The weak will fall while those who are tall and strong will remain alive until the very end. If you want to accomplish a goal or run the mile, you must keep going because the time to rest is when you are no longer among the living. The song is a great way to think about the human life span. The song Ship of Fools has a very good chorus. Sometimes a ship tries to get through a deadly storm and it does not make it through. Overall, Face the Heat is a very enjoyable hard rock album from these German guys and they could be better than Dokken. Scorpions are better than many hard rock bands but then again, can German musicians really do anything wrong? Not much.

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