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Review of the Mini Album "Pandemolition" by Switzerland’s New Thrash Metal Band Honor

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About the Band Honor and the Analysis of the Album's Title Pandemolition

Honor is a thrash metal band from St. Gallen Switzerland and one of the newest entrants into the thrash metal scene having been formed in 2020. Their second four song mini album is called Pandemolition. Normally it is really challenging to provide any kind of critical analysis of an album that has only four songs on it. This is their second mini-album following the release of the one called Demolition which was released in 2020. Analyzing the album’s title it is possible to see why the band came up with such a title. The effects of the 2020 affliction that has had such a profound effect on the world has devastated many countries around the world leaving some of them even more destitute than before. However, far from being demolished, the Swiss thrash metal scene is growing.

About the Songs in "Pandemolition"

The first song “2020” lyrically is about the effects of the current situation. It is about the mental toll that it took on the world’s population as we were forced to stay indoors for long periods because of the pandemic. In the song there is a narrated news style part that discusses some very grim statistics about the current situation. In an effort to keep things manageable in terms of the description that is why the words current situation are used instead of the obvious terms. This first song may be the most recognizable to your ears after you are done listening to this mini-album because of the lyrical content. “I Am Speed” is a very good instrumental song that starts with a very good bass guitar part as the heaviness of the song builds up slowly. The acoustic part later in the song may remind some of us of early Metal Church.

The Band Honor is Part of the Growing Thrash Metal Scene in Switzerland

Switzerland is not a very large country in terms of its population but it is a country in which the thrash metal scene is growing slowly. There are other bands such as Algebra and Comaniac and Honor has joined them in this effort to spread the talented goodness of the thrash metal genre worldwide.

"I Am Speed"

Final Thoughts About the Four Song Mini-Album Pandemolition

In spite of what the 4th song “Eternal Suffering” says that there are no ways out and many ways in, this 4 song mini album is one of the finest releases of 2021 as there is an old-school groovy thrash feel combined with a beautiful melodic approach. Watch as these Swiss guys will really impress you for about 20 minutes or so.

This last song does a fine job of switching back and forth between the great beginning melodic part and the faster part. Is life really supposed to be about suffering? Sometimes some people don’t realize until it is too late that they have chosen the wrong path in life. If there are any real cons or weak points to this mini album there should have been at least 2 or 3 more songs because just four songs end so fast that the time goes by in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, congratulations to Switzerland’s Honor as they make the Swiss thrash metal scene stronger.

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"Eternal Suffering"

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