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Review of the Mini Album "Breathing Necropolis" by American Progressive Thrash Metal Band Anarchy

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Breathing Necropolis is a Superb Mini Album

Anarchy is a two member progressive thrash metal band from St. Louis, Missouri that came out with their debut mini-album called Breathing Necropolis on October 31, 2021 and what we have here is finally a modern American metal band that does more than just play fast. This statement is not meant to say that modern American metal bands suck. It is just that these modern bands have a tendency to focus more on the speed and aggression aspects while the melody part isn’t worked on enough. This mini album has only five songs on it and generally it is really challenging to analyze a five song album.

"Breathing Necropolis" Full Mini Album

Lyrical Themes in "Breathing Necropolis"

This album is said to be lyrically about death and existentialism. There is a feel of Dream Theater as well in this album to a degree. Even if the band’s name is a generic one the music on here is something to really be impressed with.

This mini album has a combination of long and short tracks with a few soft parts and one of them consists of acoustic guitar play that is actually very refreshing on the senses. This mini album begins in a really strong way with the progressive influenced song called “Cellular Senescence Reversal” filled with a brief chant of the word “go.” “Polarity (Nelson)” is a song that lyrically describes the human life span is being terminal which it is because as of now, humans are susceptible to aging and death unless science can find ways to reverse this eventual downfall. It is often said that humans are living on borrowed time. Is this life span really terminal? It sure seems like it as the band brings up a subject that most of us don’t even want to think about. Because of the fact that there is death for humans, in that sense this Earthly life is terminal.

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Final Thoughts About the Mini Album Breathing Necropolis

The last song and instrumental called “Atheus Mortem” has a classically influenced feel along with the guitar that provides us with a rather beautiful end to a sensational album from these guys from the state of Missouri. There’s no reason to call this music of misery because there is nothing to be miserable about when you hear this mini album. This mini album is superb beyond what even words could say. Listening to this brief mini-album convinces me that the United States has potential especially when it comes to modern thrash metal. The United States still has plenty of bands that are coming into the scene but there are very few that have created what the band Anarchy has been able to create with this short album. “Event Horizon” starts off with this rather interesting progressive acoustic part as it builds up into something more melodic. Then of course, there is also a beautiful classically influenced keyboard section before the heaviness returns and the solo commences.

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