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Review of the Album Called "The Highest of Dystopia" by Japanese Melodic Death Metal Band Serenity in Murder

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A Photo of the Former Front Woman Emi Akatsu Or Emi


About the Album "Highest of Dystopia" & Musical Influences

The Highest of Dystopia is the 2015 melodic death metal album by Japanese band Serenity in Murder. I just happened to somehow discover these guys on the night of June 30th2019 and those of you that have been following my writing journey know that I have a tendency to listen to and review A LOT of heavy metal albums. The album starts with the classically influenced "Overture" and Swedish guitarist Yngwie J. Malmsteen wrote a song years ago called Overture 1383 and it makes you wonder whether this band was influenced by him or not. Regardless, it goes into the next song called “Noticed This is the Betrayal.” Lyrically, the song points out the destructive effects of lying on human relationships.

Stylistically this album has a symphonic nature and feel to it but it is not a power metal album though. The sound of the album is heavy melodic death metal combined with the feel of a sort of classical orchestra if that makes any sense.

"Noticed This is the Betrayal"

How I Discovered Japan's Serenity In Murder

Vocally, this band is headed by a woman, Emi and I guess we could say she has continued in the tradition of more bands with female death metal vocalists. I had been listening to Veiled in Scarlet, another Japanese melodic death metal band when I discovered this other band. The only thing that can be said is one word…unbelievable! There is something to be said about the immense power of the subconscious mind as similar things are attracted to us based on what we focus on because everything in this world is based on energy. Nevertheless, the symphonic feel of this band is clearly felt even if the guitar work does sound a little dirty for such a modern album as this. Emi’s vocals are a cross between Tokiko Shimamoto and Angela Gossow.

"Hurt of Virtue"

The Highest of Dystopia Review & Analysis Continued

“All Behind You Are Enemies” has this symphonic feel to it as the song has that classic melo-death feel to it. The song ends with a bit of piano play.

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The song Hurt of Virtue has guitar work that resembles the band Arch Enemy so that must mean that Arch Enemy just might have influenced this band. The song “Await Me Your Oath” lyrically is about the dehumanization of mankind. Unfortunately, human nature combined with free will has created much social disorder and dysfunction in many parts of this world. “Under the Spell” sounds like an extreme black metal song that is similar to what Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir would write. “Await Me Your Oath” is a Dark Tranquillity influenced song about the forces of evil scaring away what is called devotees of the human existence. The Highest of Dystopia is not the most original sounding melodic death metal album but it is good enough for those of you that appreciate melodic death metal and I even look at it this way: with the disbandment of bands such as Shadow, this Japanese band shows that they have the potential to carry on the expansion of the genre in Japan.

First Rating for the album Highest of Dystopia: 85 out of 100 points (B)

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