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Review and Analysis of "Volcano Island" 16th Episode in the First Season of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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A photo of lava that is erupting, one of the key factors or qualities that symbolizes the episode Volcano Island.

A photo of lava that is erupting, one of the key factors or qualities that symbolizes the episode Volcano Island.

Why This May Be the Worst Episode of the First Season of Inspector Gadget

Volcano Island is the 16th episode of the cartoon Inspector Gadget and it may be the worst episode in the first season of the show. The main reason for this is because of the character called Mr. Prophet and the fact that he is just an eccentric older man that rolls his eyes and acts as a fortune teller but he tells the residents of an island in the South Pacific that the island is doomed and that they should leave while they can. The sound of that character’s voice is enough to make some viewers shake their head and wonder what is going on.

"Volcano Island" Brief Synopsis

Inspector Gadget is enjoying a day at the beach when a shark begins following him. The episode #16 involves Dr. Claw having a plan to use two tropical islands as a missile base from which to scare away the villagers. The plan involves Dr. Claw and his agents using pineapples as devices that are being used to set off volcanic eruptions. Inspector Gadget thinks that the Prophet is a nice man that can help him track down Dr. Claw but once he, Penny and Brain reach the hut or house where that man lives, Gadget is exposed to a trap door and a stone block. Penny realizes very quickly that the prophet is working for Dr. Claw but her uncle as usual considers him a good friend. Penny follows the prophet and an agent of Dr. Claw to attempt to figure out the main details of the plot but before she can discover anything, she is captured and lowered into a volcano. Inspector Gadget unknowingly captures the prophet and another agent and he also disarms a large device that was meant to eliminate the larger island.

The Creativity In the Episode Is Not Enough to Make It One of the Best

The episode certainly does have creativity and this was very clever on the part of the creators of Inspector Gadget but the character Mr. Prophet and the sound of his voice really weakens this particular episode.

Final Thoughts About Episode #16

Overall, Volcano Island represents most likely the lowest point of the first season. However, the safety tip at the end of this episode is VERY valuable. Tip: when you are changing the light bulb for a power source, make sure that you have turned off the power first before making any appliance changes.

To give it credit where it is due, the beginning of the episode starts with Penny and Brain playing a game of volleyball while Penny’s uncle is surfing and trying to enjoy himself. However, he makes contact with a bird feeder and temporarily loses control of his surfboard. This episode could be one of those episodes you might want to watch in the summer due to the island, beach, and surfing themes. The beginning of the episode until the time after the message self-destructs is the best part of the episode but after that, the episode gets stale and does not recover.

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