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Review of the Episode "Quimby Exchange" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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"Quimby Exchange" is Interesting as an Episode Because of What Happens to Chief Quimby

Quimby Exchange is an interesting episode in the cartoon Inspector Gadget and this one is not just your average episode because it marks the first and only time in the series where Inspector Gadget’s boss Chief Quimby is captured and held hostage over at an ice factory.

A Photo of a Factory With Icicles

For What Other Reasons Is "Quimby Exchange" an Interesting Episode?

Quimby Exchange is a better episode than the one called Smeldorado because in this one, the dialogue is funnier and the plot is more interesting. Why is Quimby Exchange more interesting as an episode than Smeldorado? For one thing, the words that Dr. Claw uses to get angry at his agents are some of the funniest lines in the episode.

"Quimby Exchange" Is Interesting Because of the Character Nervous Nick Defecto

As it turns out, a man by the name of Nervous Nick Defecto who is an agent of Dr. Claw has turned himself in and he is ready to hand over secrets to Metro City’s police force. Or will he really reveal what happened? Dr. Claw tells his agents to capture and get rid of Nick. So Inspector Gadget is assigned to protect him. But Nick is a man that is running scared and he is confused because he does not believe that one man is enough to protect him. A tunnel is being created underground by Dr. Claw’s agents so that they can close in on Nick but Inspector Gadget thinks that the noises are just nearby construction. He does not realize that it is the sound of a tunnel being built. After he sees the crack in the floor of the cell where Nick was held in, he thinks that the crack was caused by aftershocks and that it could not be man-made. The very fact that one of Dr. Claw's agents has turned himself in so early in an episode is another reason why Quimby Exchange is an interesting episode.

Dr. Claw Captures Chief Quimby But He Still Does Not Win

Seeing that Gadget and Nick have left the prison, Dr. Claw captures Chief Quimby and takes him to an ice factory as a prisoner. Here is that interesting first time that Dr. Claw has the power to do what he wants with the Chief. However, when Gadget receives a second phone call from the Chief, he thinks that the Chief wants him to take Nick to a factory that is run down and play the game of bridge with him. Dr. Claw actually ends up making the call a static mess so that Gadget gets the wrong message and goes to the wrong factory so that the other agents can get rid of him.

Dr. Claw Is Actually Similar to the Character Big Boss In the Video Game Metal Gear

For all of his schemes, Dr. Claw proves his intelligence and he reminds me of the character “Big Boss” in the video game Metal Gear. How is he similar to Big Boss? Dr. Claw makes sure Gadget gets the wrong message just like Big Boss makes sure that Solid Snake gets the messages which cause him to run into enemy traps.

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Dr. Claw Never Gets Captured Though

However, unlike Metal Gear where Big Boss is eventually defeated, Dr. Claw is never captured in this cartoon series. That is probably the one quality that may leave some viewers feeling that the job was not done because Dr. Claw was never really brought to justice in the original cartoon series. But at least, Dr. Claw does not win.

"Quimby Exchange"

Why Does Dr. Claw Lose? Because of Inspector Gadget's Niece Penny

This is because once again, Gadget’s niece Penny is able to stop the conveyor belt in the ice factory from crushing Nick, the Chief, and Brain as well as Gadget who is put on ice in the ice factory. Penny adjusts the temperature in the room and the whole building so that even MAD Cat and Dr. Claw’s computer book freezes up.

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