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Review of the Episode "N.s.f. Gadget" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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2 Reasons Why N.S.F. Gadget is One of the Best Inspector Gadget Episodes

N.S.F. Gadget is the 80th episode of the famous cartoon Inspector Gadget. Any time a series reaches 80 episodes it is pretty good to assume that the show is popular. N.S.F. Gadget is one of this writer's favorite episodes and this one has a really cool kind of rock song in the episode plus the role of British agent Reginald that works for the cyborg Dr. Claw. Where is that song played? It is during the part of the episode after the car that agent Reginald is driving crashes into a toy store. It is a really funny part because of the way that Reginald moves to get out of the car. He gets out of the car because Inspector Gadget broke the glass window in the back of the taxi and the crazy gas had reached the front where Reginald was sitting. What is crazy gas and what does it do? You will find out a little later in this article. The gas had caused Reginald to hallucinate and see monsters.

A Glimpse of Outer Space

This photo symbolizes what the episode N.S.F. Gadget is all about. Once again, the main hero travels to outer space but this time he is being controlled by a strange kind of gas.

This photo symbolizes what the episode N.S.F. Gadget is all about. Once again, the main hero travels to outer space but this time he is being controlled by a strange kind of gas.

Brief Synopsis of the Episode "N.S.F. Gadget"

The episode is mainly about the fact that Dr. Claw and his M.A.D. organization have set up a black box in outer space that can control and intercept all bank transfers of money throughout the world. Inspector Gadget has been assigned to make sure that Dr. Claw does not obtain access to bank accounts throughout the world. These plans will also allow Dr. Claw to have control of the world’s stock exchange. It seems that the creators of Inspector Gadget wanted to make sure that the character Dr. Claw was fascinated with having as much money as possible. Can Inspector Gadget stop Dr. Claw from gaining access to the world’s banks? To add to Dr. Claw’s clever plot, agents have installed crazy gas in the repair crews’ oxygen tanks which makes them hallucinate and see monsters that are too hideous for humans to imagine.

Inpector Gadget Becomes Love Crazy

The memories of having watched this cartoon are very memorable for those of us that grew up during this time period (1985-1986). Some of you will recall that back in the first season of the show, Inspector Gadget becomes love crazy when he sees the agent Lana Lamour. If we go back even further, the episode called Health Spa shows the main character Inspector Gadget feeling love for the agent Madame.

Inspector Gadget's Niece Penny Once Again Saves the Day

Once again, the very clever Penny goes to the room in Metro City’s Bank to access their computers. She finds out that because of the work by Dr. Null and Dr. Void all of the money in this bank is being transferred to M.A.D. She wants to do something to reverse the process. However, she has to end up dealing with Dr. Null and Dr. Void who have turned the antenna in outer space towards the spaceship that Inspector Gadget is in so that they can use a very powerful heat ray to melt the ship. However, Brain is able to contact Penny even when he is sweating to let her know that the heat is affecting him. Penny through the use of her powerful computer book is also able to return the money that Dr. Claw stole for his diabolical plans.

"N.s.f. Gadget" Full Episode

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Final Thoughts About the Episode N.S.F. Gadget

What would Inspector Gadget do without the smarts and intellect of Penny? He wouldn’t have been able to stop Dr. Claw on his own. Penny thinks that her uncle is wonderful. He is so modest that he says that he doesn’t know anything about that. As usual the Chief congratulates Gadget for returning the money to their rightful owners. N.S.F. Gadget is easily one of the best episodes in season 2 of Inspector Gadget.

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