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Review of the Episode "Movie Set" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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Introduction to the Episode Called "Movie Set"

The episode called Movie Set is more than just the 13th episode of the first season of the famous cartoon series called Inspector Gadget. It gives viewers a sort of glimpse as to the filming process and what goes on in a movie set. Note: this episode is a good introduction to how movie sets function in an animated sense. In this mission or episode, our wonderful hero Inspector Gadget is assigned to investigate the reasons why Dr. Claw and his M.A.D. organization are filming a movie as part of a larger plot to steal very important military secrets. If you enjoyed the previous episode called All That Glitters, Movie Set should be enjoyable as well.

One of the Significant Moments of This Episode Is That Inspector Gadget Has Gone Love Crazy

But this episode Movie Set is significant for another reason: it is because Gadget falls in love with Lana Lamour, an agent that works for Dr. Claw. Gadget is so lovesick that he refuses to believe that she could be a bad person. He decides to audition for a role in the movie to try and prove that Lana is innocent. Lana and the film’s director are trying to destroy him but Gadget is so lovesick and clueless that he does not realize that he is on their target list. Sometimes love can be one of those feelings that makes someone totally clueless. The other agent and Lana try to eliminate Gadget by making him fight a big black knight during a battle where Gadget is sitting on a mule. Rather than try to summarize the entire episode, let us look at the significance of the episode as it pertains to the filming of a movie and the fact that the main character Gadget is in love! Gadget’s niece Penny is sitting at home in Metro City when Brain contacts her and informs her that her uncle has really gone love crazy. The camera is pointed at the military base because Penny notices this and she is captured. But thanks to the dog Brain’s quickness and smarts she is rescued before a dragon can burn her with flames. Near the end of the episode, Gadget is tied up to a tower as one of the agents cuts the rope and Gadget would be sent into a pit of spikes. Fortunately he activates his coat, touches the spikes and he is sent into the air. He comes crashing down on the entire set as the agents are then captured.

A Unique Aspect About the Episode Movie Set

In this episode the interesting part is that Chief Quimby wants Gadget to meet him on the top of Lookout Peak even though the Chief is scared to death of heights. But the creators of the episode wanted to show a different side of the Chief that viewers had not seen before. Movie Set is one of the best episodes in the history of Inspector Gadget.

"Movie Set"

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Memorable Quotes from "Movie Set"

"Chief what are you doing? Get down this instant! You know you can't stand heights."

"Hey I didn't have my breakfast either this can wait."

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“Well, did I get the part?”

“Get the part? You stole the show. Gadget you’re really something.”

Inspector Gadget and Chief Quimby

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