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Review of the Episode "Monster Lake" in the Famous Animated Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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About the Episode "Monster Lake" and Which Actors Do the Voices

Monster Lake is the second episode of the famous animated cartoon series Inspector Gadget and this is the first official episode where actress Cree Summer Francks does the voice of the Inspector’s beautiful and brilliant niece Penny who is probably around 12 to 13 years old. Cree Summer takes over for Mona Marshall who was not able to return to the series after the initial first episode Gadget in Winterland. Monster Lake also is the first episode where Dan Hennessey does the voice of Chief Quimby. And of course, the brilliant and talented Frank Welker returns as the evil villain and cyborg Dr. Claw, the head of the organization known as M.A.D. You can think of that organization not necessarily as the mafia but as a sort of big crime syndicate with many agents.

A Photo of Lake Loch in Scotland


The Inspector Is Almost Eliminated Early On in This Series

After the monster or actually a monster that looks like a machine breathes fire and almost hits the Inspector, the Inspector while driving along the road thinks that his car’s engine has overheated. After the Inspector’s main nemesis Dr. Claw restructures the road and manipulates the Gadget van’s controls, the car speeds up and falls off of the main road and all the way into an area where there people playing the bagpipes. You can hear the sound of the bagpipes being played in this episode.

A Photo of the Lake Where Loch Ness Is


"Monster Lake" Brief Synopsis

Chief Quimby, the head of the entire Metro City Police Force and the Inspector’s boss tells him that he must try to protect Professor Thumphkin before he gets kidnapped. Unfortunately, the Inspector ends up being too late and he thinks that the Professor is hiding in a tree. He then vows to rescue the Professor so he runs into the mechanical monster and then sees that the professor is indeed there. He vows to protect the professor and the professor wonders how they are both going to escape. Inspector Gadget thinks that the monster is a cave and he vows to go and find the professor. Penny knows better and sets up a radar computer to try to get to the bottom of things. She is so brilliant and smart that she immediately finds out what is chasing her uncle around. It is a mechanical monster created by Dr. Claw. Monster Lake is an entertaining episode that involves a chase scene where the mechanical monster chases the Inspector and Brain. After the professor is rescued, the Inspector is given credit for solving the case and as the professor wakes up, he runs away saying that he wants to stay away from the Inspector because he thinks the Inspector is crazy.

"Monster Lake" Full Episode

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Another Photo of the Loch Ness Highlands


The Safety Tips Presented in the Episode

One feature that I would say is unique is that at the end of each of these episodes is that there are safety tips presented. At the end of this one, the safety tip is that although lakes are very pretty, they can be very deep so we must not swim too far or we take the risk of drowning in them. Another very important few safety tips in this episode are that if any one of us goes boating in a lake we should take life jackets for each of the passengers just in case there happens to be an accident and also, we must never put too many passengers onto one boat as that is very dangerous as well.

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