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Review of the Episode "King Wrong" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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Brief Introduction to the Cartoon Episode "King Wrong"

King Wrong is the 40th episode in the cartoon series Inspector Gadget and this one follows the very informed and entertaining previous episode called Gone Went the Wind. In a season that was filled very well created episodes, King Wrong features the famous Inspector Gadget traveling to a fictional country by the name of Pianostan.

Interesting Fact #1 About the Episode "King Wrong"

In this country or kingdom, it is said that if the king is ever happy that he will be boiled in oil. The character King Wrong has a resemblance to Inspector Gadget. This time, Inspector Gadget is assigned to travel to Pianostan in order to stop Dr. Claw and his agents from causing a revolution.

Inspector Gadget Gets Captured

Dr. Claw’s main agent Labella is portrayed as a very beautiful woman who is trying to disrupt the peaceful country and she lures King Wrong into the underground jail cell where he remains locked up until due to a clever switch of the cells where he goes into Cell #1 when he uses his Gadget key to open the door. Gadget does not realize that the other captured prisoner is actually King Wrong and he thinks that the underground jail is some sort of waiting room where people are waiting to see the King.

How Does Episode #40 King Wrong Begin?

The episode itself starts with the Gadget family traveling through Metro City so that Gadget can pick out a tie for his birthday. However, Inspector Gadget is so picky in selecting a tie that it takes a very long time for him to make up his mind. He takes such a long time to decide which tie to select that the salesperson, Brain, and Penny end up taking a nap! It is easy to surmise that they most probably got bored. King Wrong is not an episode without its humorous parts however.

The Funny Parts of the Episode "King Wrong"

Upon analyzing and interpreting the episode, I can see at least two very hilarious parts in the episode. They are:

  1. In the start of the episode when Inspector Gadget parks his Gadget mobile in that narrow parking space by lifting the car’s wheels up, a police officer attempts to put a parking ticket on the vehicle’s mirror but he is not able to do so and he falls all the way down to the ground. The Inspector then thinks that the officer has been working too hard.
  2. Near the end of the episode when Dr. Claw and his agents are beginning to pour the hot oil on top of Inspector Gadget, his dog Brain is able to get to the King’s chair and save him just at the right time. The oil falls on the King’s chair and Dr. Claw’s plan is foiled as Dr. Claw gets furious but he does so in a way that can really make you laugh!
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"King Wrong" Full Episode

Conclusion About "King Wrong"

At the end of the episode, Penny is reading the Metro City News and notices that there is a story about how her uncle successfully stopped Dr. Claw’s agents from disrupting the peaceful nation of Pianostan. And then the episode also tries to educate us about making sure to not eat food that has been sitting around for a very long time.

Final rating for the episode King Wrong as of this writing: 95 out of 100 points

© 2018 Ara Vahanian

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