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Review of the Episode "In Seine" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget: Inspector Gadget Goes to Paris, France

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A View of the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower

Introduction to the Episode "In Seine"

In Seine is not only the 59th episode of the cartoon Inspector Gadget but it is also the first time that the hero Inspector Gadget gets the chance to travel to France, Paris specifically! The episode was not one of my favorites but we shall see how good it really was.

What is the Episode "In Seine" Mainly About?

The main villain in the series Dr. Claw has sent notes warning Paris billionaires that all of their jewels and money will be stolen from them. Can Inspector Gadget stop the organization M.A.D. from carrying out this plan? One high profile wealthy woman Madame Deneuve lets the Inspector know that Chief Quimby contacted her and told her to find him when he arrived in Paris. Inspector Gadget receives word that all of her jewels are about to be stolen. M.A.D. has created a robot that is so clever and well-built that it is able to get into that big house and disable all of the alarm systems. The robot is also able to get past the woman’s guard dogs and it deactivates all of Inspector Gadget’s gadgets causing them to malfunction. So, in this episode, it is a warning sign that the Inspector is not the best person to try and stop Dr. Claw.

This Episode Once Again Shows How Slow Inspector Gadget is to React

But in reality, Inspector Gadget was not careful enough to notice what was going on. He was too busy playing a game of cards while the robot sent in by French fashion designer La Poof deactivates all the alarm systems and steals the treasure with the greatest of ease. This episode once again shows that Inspector Gadget is too slow to notice what is really happening. He did not even notice that La Poof was trying to attack him while he was on a river cruise of the Seine River. In the episode, there is also an animated version of the famous Louvre Museum and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

How Does the Case Get Solved?

It is because of the smarts of his loyal dog Brain and his niece Penny that Gadget eventually gets credit for solving yet another case. Brain is able to lure Gadget all the way to where the submarine is because La Poof wants to get all the jewels out of France. As usual, even though Penny gets captured, she is still able to override the submarine’s controls so that it comes up to the surface, allowing the police to arrest all of the agents. In Seine is one of the weakest episodes of the first season in spite of the French theme in the episode.

"In Seine" Full Episode

Memorable Quotes from the Episode "In Seine"

"Any further instructions Chief?"

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"Just go!"

Inspector Gadget and Chief Quimby

In this scene, Inspector Gadget is asking Chief Quimby if he has any further instructions for him that he should adhere to prior to leaving for Paris, France.

Interesting Facts About the Episode "In Seine"

In the episode when the Gadget family is having breakfast, Penny informs her uncle that she is cooking French crepes because she is studying French cooking at her school. However, as soon as her uncle is about to try the crepes that Penny made, he gets a call from Chief Quimby about his next assignment or mission. This time, the Chief is hiding in the Gadget family’s attic! It makes you wonder how he even got in there but that once again shows the creativity of the early Inspector Gadget series. Also, the title of this episode is a sort of play on the words “insane” and the Seine River.

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