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Review of the Episode "Gadget’s Roma" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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As of the year 2022 and going forward, this next article will now only be a review and analysis of the cartoon episode called Gadget's Roma from the cartoon Inspector Gadget.

This is a photo of the Roman Colosseum one of the landmarks that is mentioned in the episode of Gadget's Roma.

This is a photo of the Roman Colosseum one of the landmarks that is mentioned in the episode of Gadget's Roma.

What is the Episode Gadget's Roma Mainly About?

Gadget’s Roma is an episode about an ancestor of Inspector Gadget named Great Great Gadgetorum, a slave that eventually was able to buy his freedom. This man is also the Inspector’s great, great grandfather. One difference between Gadget’s Roma and the episode before it is that this time, Inspector Gadget is informed that he and his family have only four hours to meet their ancestor, discover the Treasure of Roma and return to the present time otherwise they will be stuck in the past forever. Inspector Gadget is also given a device to wear that helps him translate everything that he hears from Latin to English. The main language used in Ancient Rome was Latin. In Gadget’s Roma, Inspector Gadget must also discover the secret of the Treasure of Roma which is in the Roman Forum and it is known as the secret of the mosaic.

Professor Von Slickstein a Scientist and a Very Good Friend of Inspector Gadget


The Historical Significance of the Episode

Gadget’s Roma is actually one of those episodes that has historical significance to it. The episode points out what happened in Ancient Rome because slaves in that time period were usually involved in contests with lions and these slaves were usually killed by the lions. Inspector Gadget however refuses to believe that and says that the Metro City Library has a lot of defective books. There is even an animated version of the Roman Colosseum in this episode which you will see.

Interesting Fact #1 About Gadget's Roma: the Chariot Race

After all of the other attempts to eliminate the Gadget family have failed, Dr. Claw’s main agent Thelma Bodkin enters Inspector Gadget into the chariot race to try and get rid of him. Two of Dr. Claw’s other agents trick the Inspector into believing that he has one wheel too many on his chariot and they remove the wheel using a pitchfork. After some time goes by, Inspector Gadget realizes that it was a mistake to get rid of the wheel and he uses his skates and eventually his sail and he ends up winning the race.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode Gadget’s Roma

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“Well Chief I found out one thing about Rome that I didn’t know before.”

“What’s that Gadget?

“They love a good show!”

Chief Quimby and Inspector Gadget

"Gadget's Roma" Full Episode

Final Thoughts and About the Treasure of Roma

The Treasure of Roma actually is a recipe for the famous Italian dish veal scaloppini and there is a bag of gold that is discovered by Inspector Gadget’s niece Penny when she goes to the Catacombs in search of the treasure. Why the treasure is not the bag of gold alone, we will never know but the creators of Inspector Gadget still found a way to make this animated series very interesting. Which one of these time travel episodes is the most entertaining? This is a very good question and a tough call since all three of them are enjoyable. Some things never get old. One thing is for sure: Inspector Gadget brought more than enough pictures from his journey for his boss to see!

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