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Review of the Episode "Gadget at the Circus" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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What Is the Theme of the Episode Gadget at the Circus?

Original air date of the episode Gadget at the Circus: September 14, 1983

Gadget at the Circus is the 4th episode of the first season of the famous cartoon series called Inspector Gadget. For those people that want to read something entertaining and light, well here is your chance to do so. Inspector Gadget takes his niece Penny and their pet dog Brain to have what appears to be a relaxing day at the circus.

Where Is Chief Quimby?

Inspector Gadget smells something and he finds a popcorn stand where his boss Chief Quimby is hiding in a popcorn stand! If there is one common theme that occurs in this cartoon series that readers should know about it is the Chief’s uncanny ability to hide himself in the narrowest or interesting spots. How he is able to do that, only the creators of this show know that answer.

A Clown Which Symbolizes One of the Main Characters Of the Episode Gadget at the Circus

Gadget at the Circus Episode Synopsis

The Inspector joins the circus hoping to investigate what Dr. Claw’s agents are doing in the circus. The Inspector initially thought that these agents were there to attempt to steal something from the circus but the Chief tells him that these agents are simply there to do the dirty work of Dr. Claw, the cyborg and big boss of the organization called M.A.D. The Inspector is told by the ringmaster that he is taking the place of a trapeze artist because the artist caught a cold which is lie of course. The trapeze artist was kidnapped by Dr. Claw’s agents as Penny is able to find this out because she is the one that’s doing tie real investigative work. Meanwhile, Dr. Claw’s agents replace Brutus, a tamed lion with a far more fierce one as the Inspector tries a dangerous lion taming act but he is basically saved by Brain once again. The agents have the inspector try to perform an even more dangerous stunt.

"Gadget At the Circus" Full Episode

What Are the Stunts That the Inspector is Forced to Do?

Well, there are quite a few dangerous stunts including the one where he is up in the air having to do a major circus act. The Inspector is fortunate to be able to extend his arm and to grab onto faraway surfaces. One of the scenes looks like a scene out of the famous video game called Bionic Commando which would come out in 1988. Inspector Gadget is given the nickname of Mr. Indestructible for this episode as he is lowered into a cannonball and they are trying to eliminate him. Thanks to Penny’s quick reaction, her watch is able to jam the controls of the machine as the Inspector is sent off out of the circus and up into the air. But fortunately he survives as he tries to maneuver himself around using his Gadget copter. But instead of being able to fly around in the air as he chooses to, his Gadget malfunctions as he is sent spinning in the air and by some sheer kind of coincidence or luck, he captures the ringmaster and his other agent as the Chief arrives wanting to congratulate him.

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on July 16, 2019:

Thank you LIZ! Here's another person that likes this series. Yes, the original Inspector Gadget goes all the way back to 1983. I would watch the series most days after coming home from school way back then around 1986. Great times, great memories and it never gets old watching it on YouTube either!

Liz Westwood from UK on July 14, 2019:

You give a good overview of this episode. I was surprised how old the series is.

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