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Review of the Episode "Gadget and the Red Rose" the Last Episode of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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Introduction to the Last Episode of the Original Inspector Gadget

Gadget and the Red Rose in the cartoon series Inspector Gadget is more than just its 86th episode but unfortunately, it turned out to be the very last one of the series. For such a great cartoon and the brilliant voice acting of Don Adams, Cree Summer, and Frank Welker to reach an abrupt end like this, that leaves fans of the show wondering what would have happened had the show continued for a while longer. We are analyzing this episode once again here in 2022 partially because this was the final episode of one of the finest animated cartoons in my memory.

What Is the Red Rose?

In this episode, the Red Rose is not literally a red rose but it is a device similar to a bazooka that when used it spews out the scent of rotten potatoes which then repels foes.

What Is Dr. Claw Up to This Time?

In this episode, the evil scientist/cyborg Dr. Claw makes a phone call to Less Reknowned, the owner of a retirement home who is also responsible for training the world’s finest criminals. Dr. Claw wants Less to talk to the man Spuds Malone and convince him to come out of retirement in order to take care of Gadget.

Inspector Gadget Tries to Counter Dr. Claw's Strategy With a Very Special Device

Inspector Gadget has a tool of his own called “The Gadzooka.” This is similar to a bazooka except that it discharges acid sour cream. It is named this way because this tool has the first three letters of the Inspector’s surname which are gad. In this final episode is also the last appearance of the character known as Corporal Capeman. Inspector Gadget is convinced that with a few more adjustments he will have created the finest tool that will be a deterrent to whatever Dr. Claw and his M.A.D. organization could come up with.

"Gadget and the Red Rose" Full Episode

A Brief Synopsis of the Final Episode of the Original Inspector Gadget

Spuds Malone begins the search for Red Rose. Meanwhile, viewers will find out that Spuds Malone also happens to be the head chef of the Old Bad Guys & Gals retirement home. He loves to cook anything that has potatoes in it so hence, that’s why he created Red Rose. He reaches his old neighborhood and finds out that it has been converted into a condominium. Meanwhile, Inspector Gadget and Capeman continue to focus their attention on the wrong adversary. When Dr. Claw finds out that Inspector Gadget is right behind Spuds and his men, he informs them that they must get rid of him. A wild chase ensues in the underground sewers as Spuds Malone and his men destroy the water valve to try and wash away Gadget and Capeman. The rest of the episode involves Gadget and Capeman trying to catch up to Spuds Malone as they sit in a taxi to try and track him down. Meanwhile, Spuds and his men drive through the gate of the retirement home, destroying it in the process. Penny finds Red Rose, makes adjustments, and eventually overrides the controls, destroying the weapon that gives off the smell of an awful gas.

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Final Thoughts About This Last Inspector Gadget Episode As of 2022

Overall, Gadget and the Red Rose is somewhat exciting for the last episode of the series Inspector Gadget. No other remake of the original series such as Gadget and the Gadgetinis has even been as close to being as good as the original Inspector Gadget! The episode would have been made better if the main antagonist of the series Dr. Claw had been captured. If this had happened, then the hero Inspector Gadget could have declared victory and thus his mission would have been accomplished. It would have given viewers of the show some kind of closure as well. But it is reasonable to surmise as to why the creators of the show didn’t want it to conclude with the capture of Dr. Claw. Perhaps they wanted to provide mystery as there have been similar cartoons that came into existence after the end of this original series.

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