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Review of the Episode "Gadget Meets the Grappler" in the Cartoon Series Inspector Gadget

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This Episode Review Will Be Different From the Others

Gadget Meets the Grappler is the extremely entertaining episode of the second season of the cartoon Inspector Gadget. This one was one of my favorites back in the day not just because the creators of Inspector Gadget got creative and decided to include a Frankenstein-like monster for the series but this episode has a very interesting set of scenes where much of the action takes place where a train has been hijacked by Dr. Claw because he has been able to take over the train’s controls. However for the purposes of this episode analysis, we will describe in detail the roles of the main characters excluding Inspector Gadget and their usefulness and importance to the episode as well as the series.

A Chocolate Covered Doughnut Which Symbolizes the Main Weakness of the Grappler


Special Part of the Episode "Gadget Meets the Grappler"

A special note about this episode is here: in the beginning of the episode, the Inspector attempts to clean off the table but he pushes the wrong series of buttons and instead, a brand new breakfast of eggs and a sandwich is made for him. However, he is not able to enjoy that extra food because he receives a call from his boss Chief Quimby. How funny it sounds when he says that he will start dieting tomorrow!

Professor Doomkauf

Professor Doomkauf and his invention the Grappler - This evil scientist in the cartoon series has a series of inventions up his sleeve including the Linguines, Grappler, and a ray gun that is a weapon that significantly reduces the size of its target. But for the purposes of this episode, his creation is a monster with such incredible physical strength that he is able to break down any door or wall just by running through it. The Grappler has one major weakness which is the fact that he loves to eat tidbits and other sweets such as chocolate covered doughnuts which calm him down for a while. The professor is able to wiretap the Inspector’s phone twice and he is able to wiretap his top secret Gadget phone as well. The Grappler has been assigned to get rid of the Inspector during the Oriental Express Mystery Tour Train ride.

Penny is the Most Clever Character in the Series

Penny - This middle school aged niece of Inspector Gadget is the smartest and most clever of the good characters not just in this episode but in the entire series. When she notices Grappler approaching the Gadget family home in Metro City, she wisely puts the whole house on alert using a remote control. Even though this action is not able to keep Grappler from invading the house, Penny is later eventually able to break the influence that Dr. Claw has on the train because it was through his work that he was able to make the train take off about 30 minutes early. Penny is also thought by Professor Doomkauf to be of such a powerful influence that in his opinion, kindness ruined the Grappler.

"I'm sorry I failed Dr. Claw. How was I to know that girl Penny had a secret weapon?"

"Kindness. It's the first time anybody's ever been nice to Grappler. It ruined him."

— Professor Doomkauf

"Gadget Meets the Grappler" Full Episode

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A Photo of a Full Breakfast Including Pancakes and Eggs

This photo symbolizes what is said at the end of the episode about having a well balanced diet instead of just eating sweet foods.

This photo symbolizes what is said at the end of the episode about having a well balanced diet instead of just eating sweet foods.

About the Role of Corporal Capeman in the Inspector Gadget Series

Corporal Capeman - This caped imbecile is supposed to be Inspector Gadget’s wonderful assistant but instead he is seen as a sort of dunce that likes to portray himself as a superhero. In the middle of the episode, he saves Penny’s life by accident when he switches the train tracks as one of his feet touches the lever as he falls down. Against the Grappler, Capeman proves that he is no match for him as the Grappler can pick up and toss him around at will. Corporal Capeman even turns on the lawn mower which takes the top secret message causing it to self-destruct and the Chief gets burned. Corporal Capeman is the weakest and most clueless of the main characters in the second season of Inspector Gadget but regardless of that, Gadget Meets the Grappler has lots of action, mystery, intrigue, and it has a very useful safety tip at the end of the episode.

Interesting part of Gadget Meets the Grappler: the importance of having a balanced diet

At the conclusion of the episode, there is a segment that discusses the importance of eating a well-balanced diet. If we must eat a chocolate covered doughnut, we must do so in moderation. Gadget’s dog Brain loves sweets but he is prevented from eating them by Penny.

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