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Review of the Episode Called "The Boat" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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Background to Episode #7 In the Inspector Gadget Cartoon Series

The Boat is one of those episodes in the history of Inspector Gadget that represents a rather interesting time in the show’s history. The previous episode called “Health Spa” gave viewers a look into and a general idea of what it means to be in good physical shape. The Boat begins with the hero Inspector Gadget telling his niece Penny about the importance of a good healthy breakfast to start the day.

Where Is Chief Quimby Hiding This Time?

Inspector Gadget’s boss Chief Quimby happens to be hiding in a garbage can in the Gadget family home! How funny is that?

Memorable Quotes from "The Boat"

“Uh, Uncle Gadget.”

In this scene Penny wants to let her uncle know that Chief Quimby is hiding in the garbage can.

“Chief Quimby what are you doing in there?”

“Oh Chief, I couldn’t. I don’t have a thing to wear.”

“It’s not an invitation. It’s a mission.”

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Inspector Gadget and Chief Quimby

The Main Mission for Inspector Gadget In "The Boat"

In this episode, Inspector Gadget’s main mission or assignment is to somehow get on a boat with wealthy passengers who are going to be on an ultra-luxury cruise.

"The Boat" Episode Synopsis

Inspector Gadget is instructed to do whatever he can to do two things:

  1. He must make sure to protect many expensive jewels from the clutches of his main arch enemy Dr. Claw.
  2. He must not do anything to become detected because no one must suspect that he is on the boat.

The title of the episode might as well have been something like “Inspector Gadget Goes on an Expensive Cruise” because that is what this episode is centered around but the creators of this show decided to keep the episode’s title brief. This episode is the first time that we hear that jazz style song which I would say is one of the best songs in this cartoon series. It sounded nice to hear back in 1983 and it sounds pretty awesome even today! Some things just never get old and this song is one of those songs that has stood the test of time. Immediately after that brief jazz style song segment, we hear the usual laugh of Dr. Claw because he thinks that he is about to win against Inspector Gadget. The possibility of Dr. Claw and his henchmen escaping with millions of dollars’ worth of jewels increases when Penny gets captured and thrown into a cage while investigating Dr. Claw’s plot. To add further to the drama of the episode, Inspector Gadget and Brain also get captured as well. Inspector Gadget gets tied up to a crane and gets repeatedly thrown in the water as Dr. Claw is behind the controls. Fortunately, even while she is tied up, Penny jumps on one of the feet of the agents of Dr. Claw, causing him to lose his balance. Brain then is able to free Penny by cutting the rope with his teeth. Once again, the smarts, intellect, and quick thinking of Penny prevent Dr. Claw from carrying out his plan.

"The Boat" Full Episode

Why Episode #7 Is So Interesting

“The Boat” is an interesting episode in the series because it involves quite a bit of investigating not just by Penny but by Inspector Gadget as well. The section of the episode where Inspector Gadget disguises himself to try and get on the boat might as well have been an influence for the Mission Impossible TV series.

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