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Review of the Episode Called "Snakin’ All Over" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Episode Synopsis for "Snakin' All Over" and Why It is Significant

Snakin’ All Over is the first time that viewers of the cartoon Inspector Gadget see snow since the episode called Gone Went the Wind. And in this episode, there are snakes but why is the episode significant? From the episode before it to this episode it seems that Metro City went from summer to winter very fast. I would have liked to have seen a title called something like snakes all over instead of the actual title that the episode is given. This is the first Inspector Gadget episode to feature the use of snakes.

Snakin’ All Over is a pretty good episode and I am sure some viewers are glad to see that the hero Inspector Gadget shows some reasoning skills in this episode. This next reason for the episode may not be as significant but the title of the episode is actually based on the 1960 song called “Shakin’ All Over.”

This time, the hero Inspector Gadget has been assigned to guard the very valuable coin collection over at a place called 1st Penny Mansion. Dr. Claw’s M.A.D. organization has the goal of auctioning off these expensive coins and replacing them with fake coins however, Inspector Gadget does not realize that agent Professor Venom a snake master is working for Dr. Claw. Gadget eventually becomes mesmerized and the only way that he is saved from the big boa constrictor that has him wrapped up is because his niece Penny through her intelligence, finds a way to free her uncle from the snake’s grasp. Eventually, an old guard and Gadget arrest Professor Venom before he can escape with the real coins.

Inspector Gadget Finally Shows Some Level of Intelligence In This Episode

In this episode, does Inspector Gadget finally show some sort of intelligence and cleverness to a degree? You could make the case that he does because once he arrives at 1st Penny Mansion, he notices that the big gate is off its hinges, the doorbell outside does not function properly, and a closet door in one of the rooms remains loose. Even the bed in that same room is in very bad shape because it is off its structure. Inspector Gadget realizes that the whole house is a disaster area. However, he thinks that the radiators rattle but one of Professor Venom’s snakes gets into it and makes a rattling kind of noise. The bed in particular is loose because it is separated from its wooden structure so when Gadget tries to sit on the bed, the whole bed just falls to the floor.

Funny Aspects of Episode #58 "Snakin' All Over"

The funny aspects of the episode is when Inspector Gadget is cleaning the snow and his niece Penny tells him that lunch is ready. Her uncle cannot hear her because he has ear muffs on so he thinks that she wants a ride to school! The thing is that Penny knows that there is no school on a Saturday and the episode takes place on a Saturday. When Gadget’s Top Secret Gadget phone starts to ring, she alerts him about it and he thinks that she is talking about having cheese sandwiches!

"Snakin' All Over" Full Episode

“No wonder First Penny was so rich! He never spent a cent to fix anything!”

"All right you joker where's my lunch? I'll bet that guard put him up to this!"

— Inspector Gadget

What is the Safety Tip in "Snakin' All Over"

The safety tip at the end of the episode is about what people should do as soon as something in the home is broken. The tip is about maintaining proper home maintenance because the Gadget house garage door is jammed.

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