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Review of the Episode Called "Ghost Catchers" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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A Brief Synopsis of What "Ghost Catchers" Is About

Ghost Catchers is the 10th episode of the famous cartoon series Inspector Gadget and it aired in the second season way back in the 1980’s. This one once again features the appearance of the evil scientist Dr. Spectrum. He has devised a secret plan that makes ghost globules appear. These are not real ghosts however and they are created to try and scare away the people of Metro City and to try and think that the city has been invaded by ghosts.


The Significance of the Episode Ghost Catchers

The episode is a parody of Ghostbusters. The creators of this show were very creative and seemingly came up with any ideas about episodes. Our lovable police inspector Gadget must investigate why these “ghosts” are showing up at the homes of the city’s wealthiest residents. He goes into a large mansion where there is a costume party going on.

The Cultural Significance of Ghosts

Usually ghosts are associated with the holiday Halloween or they are associated with other spirits and dead people. Some of you may be asking if there is any added significance to the episode itself other than providing entertainment value. The episode does have an action scene where Inspector Gadget is chasing these ghost globules around.

The Ghostbusters logo picture represents the fact that the Ghost Catchers episode is a parody of the Ghostbusters movies.

The Ghostbusters logo picture represents the fact that the Ghost Catchers episode is a parody of the Ghostbusters movies.

One Factor That Defines the Episode That Is Not About Ghosts

The episode however is not entirely about ghosts as there is some variation. In the beginning of the episode, Inspector Gadget’s brilliant niece Penny (voiced by Holly Berger) is doing a research report on the history of computers when she tells her uncle that she has to take a bath. She is actually taking a shower when the Inspector falls through a hole because the phone booth has not been fixed so that the door doesn’t open. He falls into the basement looking for his boss Chief Quimby.

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He finds that the Chief is hiding in the basement’s reboiler! That is actually also the water heater that the Gadget family house has. Overall, Ghost Catchers is one of the entertaining episodes of the second season of the show but it is not as good as the one called Busy Signal, the one that would come after this one.

"Ghost Catchers" Full Episode

Memorable Quotes from the Episode "Ghost Catchers"

"How did you get in there Chief?"

"The gas company goes anywhere Gadget."

In this scene, Inspector Gadget and his boss Chief Quimby hold a brief conversation before he reads his next assignment.

“Uncle Gadget, there’s no hot water.”


In this scene, Penny is taking a shower and because the Gadget family water heater malfunctioned, she no longer has access to hot water.

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