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Review of the Episode Called "Gadget's Gadgets" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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The Main Synopsis of the Episode Gadget's Gadgets

Gadget’s Gadgets is the 6th episode in the second season of the cartoon Inspector Gadget and it is also episode #71. It seems that I can never get enough of covering the subject of one of the greatest cartoons in the history of animation. In this episode, we learn that there is a plot set up by Dr. Claw and his trusted second agent in command named Dr. Noodleman and this plot is a plot to do something to try and remove all of Inspector Gadget’s gadgets that viewers learned in the beginning of the show that were put into his body by Professor Von Slickstein.

Inspector Gadget and Corporal Capeman Get Captured

Inspector Gadget is busy training his assistant Corporal Capeman when a vehicle that is an ambulance approaches the Gadget family home and there is a signal that is detected by the computer book of Inspector Gadget’s niece Penny. Corporal Capeman ends up getting hurt even though he tries to tell Inspector Gadget that he is okay. The agents of Dr. Claw then take Inspector Gadget and his assistant all the way to a secret clinic which is actually designed as a place to try and get rid of Inspector Gadget and his gadgets so that he will be rendered useless. Before they transport Gadget and Capeman to the secret clinic, the two agents of Dr. Claw use sleeping gas to put Inspector Gadget and Corporal Capeman to sleep.

"Gadget's Gadgets" Full Episode

Inspector Gadget Thinks That He Has Been Taken to a Police Hospital

On a related point, Inspector Gadget thinks that Chief Quimby sent him to a police hospital so that his gadgets could be tested but he has no idea that he has been “captured” and taken to a secret clinic set up by Dr. Claw. Now it is time to point out some interesting observations that I have noticed over the many years of being exposed to this Inspector Gadget animated cartoon. Inspector Gadget thinks that the series of “tests” that are about to be done on him are some sort of cover to demonstrate a test of his gadgets.

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Interesting Observations Made About the Episode Gadget’s Gadgets

  • This is one of at least four episodes throughout the show’s history to have the word “Gadget’s” in them. The other three episodes are Gadget’s Replacement, Gadget’s Roma, and Gadget’s Clean Sweep.
  • While trying to get into the secret clinic, Penny is once again captured, this time by a woman that is working as a nurse at the facility. Penny is locked up in a room and her computer book gets locked up in a safe but Penny is ale to discover the combination that opens up the safe and she is able to regain access to her most valuable piece of equipment.
  • At the end of the episode, the safety tip that is presented is about the importance of starting the morning with a good physical workout. It is also said that it is better to do a little bit of exercise each day instead of doing too much exercise at once and then stopping permanently.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Inspector Gadget puts his assistant Corporal Capeman into a rigorous training session as the Gadget family house has a sort of gymnasium with a few bars and a ramp. Exercise is definitely a theme of this episode.
  • In the middle of the episode, Inspector Gadget is put into a room that has a high speed whirlpool in it but in the huge room with what looks like a massive supercomputer, Dr. Noodleman and the other agents have a way of increasing the room’s temperature. They increase the temperature of the room so that Inspector Gadget gets suffocated because of the heat. But as Inspector Gadget’s face gets as red as a lobster, he uses his Gadget refrigerator style gadget to try and cool himself off.

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